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The World Economic Forum sponsors a variety of projects, initiatives and communities that identify and advance distinctive global issues relevant to their constituents. The result of these collaborations is greater understanding, tangible support, direction, and solutions that shape global, regional, and industry agendas.

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Forum Projects

Through its work with the World Economic Forum, Deloitte has had a hand in shaping the agenda on global and industry issues as an advisor to Forum projects. Deloitte currently serves as the exclusive advisor to a portfolio of four forum projects. Throughout the lifecycle of these projects, Deloitte and the Forum collaborate to generate important content and research critical to addressing global issues and trends. Deloitte’s engagement helps to shape important decisions and perspectives for its most strategic stakeholders, including CEOs of global corporations and growth companies, leaders of government and international institutions, academia, media leaders, and opinion makers.

Deloitte projects with the Forum include:

Designing seamless integrated mobility.

Project advisor: Scott Corwin

This nine-month project will formulate strategies and requirements needed to bring the new mobility ecosystem to life in communities around the globe. Deloitte will work alongside a cross-sector group of senior corporate and government officials to shape new mobility solutions and establish the parameters for a mobility operating system for seamless, intermodal transportation of people and goods. The project will focus on the following key activities:

  • Developing a future vision and strategy for a mobility operating system that supports seamless and integrated transport
  • Assessing the emerging technologies/capabilities that will enable this vision
  • Creating guidelines for industry and government leaders regarding the enabling elements that will be needed to make this make this vision a reality.

Read Scott Corwin's blog post on achieving seamless, integrated mobility.

Disruptive Innovation in Financial Services.

Project advisor: Bob Contri

The accelerating rate of technological change, combined with shifting customer preferences and an evolving regulatory landscape, have dramatic implications for the ways in which financial services are structured, delivered, and consumed. This project is exploring the transformative potential of new entrants as well as innovations in financial services business models focusing on:

  • Distributed ledger technology (blockchain); a replacement for existing financial infrastructure, providing greater speed, accuracy and efficiency, and
  • Digital identity; how innovation will redefine the ways to prove identities by leveraging technology to de-risk and streamline identity processes and maximize value and why financial services are well positioned to drive process.

Shaping the Future of Food Security and Agriculture

Project advisor: Shay Eliaz

Originally named the New Vision for Agriculture, this initiative aims to improve food security, environmental sustainability, and economic opportunity. In support of these goals, this project will conduct a scenario planning of global food systems with the aim of articulating possible futures for global food systems. Scenario planning is a powerful tool that will encourage leaders to envision different future pathways, explore diverse future trends and threats and will help identify strategic action areas which can respond to those futures. In parallel, this project will also support the Food Security team’s multi-stakeholder partnerships through the roll-out of the Country Partnership Guide that Deloitte co-authored with the Forum last year. The roll-out entails training initiative ambassadors and developing an expanded set of tools and materials to complement the Partnership Guide.

Sustainable Development Investment Partnership

Project advisor: John Mennel

As part of the Redesigning Development Finance Initiative (RDFI), the Forum, along with other partners including the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), and the Swedish International Development Co-operation Agency (SIDA), launched the Sustainable Development Investment Partnership (SDIP). SDIP, managed by the OECD and the Forum, provides a platform for financial institutions, governments, donors, DFIs and MDBs to collaborate on unlocking financing for projects that contribute to development outcomes in emerging and frontier markets. Specifically, SDIP aims to mobilize USD$100 billion in financing and investment through 2020 to help close the financing gap required to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. In this multi-stakeholder initiative, members build a pipeline of transactions, develop innovative financing models and risk mitigation tools to reduce risk and transaction costs, and share policy and regulation best practices.

Partnering Against Corruption Initiative (PACI)

Project advisor: Penelope Lepeudry

The purpose of this multi-year project is twofold: (1) to support the further development of the Vanguard CEO Community of the World Economic Forum’s Partnering Against Corruption Initiative (PACI) and its specific initiatives and advocacy efforts, and (2) to advance the second phase of a collective action project undertaken by PACI and the Forum's Infrastructure and Urban Development (IU) Industries communities, with support from the Vanguard community. The PACI/IU project aims to tackle specific corruption risks and enhance transparency in the sectors of infrastructure, engineering, construction, and real estate.

In addition, in the current cycle Deloitte continues its ongoing collaboration on a fifth initiative:

Future of Platforms and Systems

Project Advisor: John Hagel

This initiative explores how the concepts of systems leadership and the platform economy can help to create the necessary environment that maximizes the Fourth Industrial Revolution’s benefits to society, while minimizing the risks that come with it.

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