Business Assurance

Holistic services for companies, investors and regulators on financial or non-financial data.

With the chanllenges rising from changing business landscape and advancing technologies, profitability is no longer the sole goal for business operations and mangment. Instead, management are expected to pay more attention on values such as Environmental, Societial and Governance. Moreover, there are increasing requirements of external reports that make business more chanllenging than before.

Deloitte’s Business Assurance Services provides services related to third parties (companies, investors and regulators) on financial or non-financial data. With our insights on corporations and Deloitte’s global subject matter experts with in-depth technical skills and industry knowledge, we help our clients comply with local regualtions and address market-specific chanllengs. The companies can therefore adjust their operating procedures and reduce their business risks.

Our Business Assurnace Services include:

  • Cybersecurity assurance
  • CSR and IR assurance
  • AML & PIP assurance
  • Media and Advertising assurance
  • FSI Regulatory assurance


Joe Chen

Joe Chen

Assurance Service Leader

Joe is a partner at the Taipei Audit & Assurance and has over 19 years of experience in Financial Audit and Internal Audit. Joe’s extensive professional capabilities and knowledge in accounting, audit... More