Accounting Operations Assurance Services

Accuracy, Timeliness, Reliability, and Value Creation

The traditional role of the head of the finance department is gradually being reshaped as corporate executives expect the finance function to be more involved in value-creation activities and strategic business initiatives; at the same time, facing the influences of disruptive technologies, the head of the finance department often need to reassess the relevance, timeliness, and reliability of the work performed by the finance team. Proactively searching for suitable strategic partners to help overcome these barriers while ensuring that the finance team can continue to operate effectively to meet the day-to-day requirements of the organization.

At the same time, the head of finance must also be aware of the potential for conflict of interest. As the finance function takes on a more strategic role, it is essential to ensure that existing policies, such as internal controls, do not prevent the team from focusing on value-added activities. The head of finance must also be aware of external forces, such as technological developments, which may render their existing infrastructure obsolete or unsuitable for achieving their goals.

Deloitte and Touche aims to support finance departments through its Accounting Operations Assurance Services. The goal is to evaluate the finance department's workforce, business processes, infrastructure, and controls, and provide practical solutions to address new requirements, improve low efficiencies, and adapt to the changes brought on by emerging technologies. All while maintaining the smooth functioning of the finance department's core operations.

Service offering for Accounting Operations Assurance services include:

  • Financial, operational and data analytics
  • Intelligent process visualization and optimization (Process Bionics)
  • Financial budget intelligent forecasting platform
  • Technology application tools assist financial accounting process improvement (Controllership software)
  • Assist in the improvement and transformation of corporate financial functions
  • Advisory services for application for accounting automation
  • Advisory services for the implementation of enterprise travel and expense management software


Jason Liu

Jason Liu


Jason Liu is currently the Executive Vice President of Assurance of Deloitte Taiwan, mainly responsible for the Accounting Operations Assurance services. He joined Deloitte & Touche in June 1998. He h... More