Initial Public Offerings

Listing in Taiwan by Foreign Issuers

As the professional services leader in Taiwan’s capital market, Deloitte committed to helping foreign companies go public in Taiwan. In line with this commitment, Deloitte has formed a committee responsible particularly for ensuring the delivery of timely and best quality services to foreign companies listing in Taiwan include companies from China, Japan, the United States, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, etc.

Going public is a milestone in a company’s development. A company has high expectation for greater growth, for which financing is needed. Taiwan capital market, with high P/E ratio, high yield and high liquidity, is the best choice for IPOs. For a successful IPO, Deloitte Taiwan’s highly trained professionals and ample experience guarantee a multidisciplinary service and reliable advice.


Advantages in Taiwan’s Capital Market:

  • Highly Strategic Point of  Entry into China
  • Strong Government Support for Foreign Companies
  • Top Ranking in Cluster Development
  • Rich Financing and Investment Opportunities
  • High Liquidity and P/E ratio
  • Shorter Lock-up Period