Life at Deloitte

Employee Benefits

We offer comprehensive and quality employee benefits to take care of our employees.

Employees in Taiwan enjoy the following benefits:

  • Flexibility working hours

AM 8:30~9:00 / PM 5:30~6:00

  • Nice Leave system
  1. Weekend(a five-day week)
  2. Anticipated annual leave
  3. Deferred annual leave
  4. Study leave
  • Comprehensive insurance plan
  1. Labor insurance, health insurance, labor pension
  2. Group insurance for employees
  • Professional support of working
  1. Professional certification incentives and Association membership fee subsidies
  2. Mobile communication fee subsidies and VPN program
  3. Taxi fare subsidy of working late
  4. Contracted taxi company taxi services
  5. Personal Notebook / Internet Phone
  6. Coffee bar
  7. Physical health check
  8. Employee Assistance Program
  9. Fantastic Office Facilities
  10. Group activities subsidy
  11. Marriage subsidy
  12. Death Subsidy
  13. Maternity benefit 
  14. Hospitalization Condolence payment
  • Work & Life Balance
  1. Social club funding
    i.Badminton Club/Basketball Club/Yoga Club/Qigong Club/Climbing Club/Photography Club/BEST Club etc. over 10 clubs.
    ii.Employees can cultivate interests after work and gain opportunities to establish new club.
  2. Arts and Culture
    i.Art activities and discount ticket
    ii.Movie ticket 
  3. Sports Day
  4. Family Day
  5. Others activities
    i.The year-end party entertainments
    ii.Celebration party after busy season
    iii.A variety of ball games and other sports activities
    iv.Activities after Chinese new yearDiscount on group purchase  
  6. Discount on group purchase
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