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Taiwanese Service Group (TSG)

The Greater China clients’ demand for services across the region is growing, Deloitte Taiwan office’s philosophy emphasizes on Deloitte Global: " As One: Borderless, Boundless" strategic objectives, so Deloitte Taiwan creates a new Taiwanese Service Group (TSG) model with Deloitte China actively in order to provide a full range of professional services to Taiwanese businessmen.

Since July 2007, TSG (Taiwanese Service Group) service team has been established to provide high quality audit talents to work in China, training of professional services and business sales development skills. Our working attitude, service quality and efficiency are recognized by Deloitte China Shanghai Office and Taiwanese businessmen.

For our employees, participating in TSG plan is the best way to enhance China auditing expertise and experience. Deloitte Taiwan will select qualifiers by demand each year and accredit them to Shanghai for two years around July to September.

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