Consumer Products

The consumer products industry has undergone dramatic change in recent years. Food safety and environmental sustainability have rocketed to the top of the agenda. New systems for supply chain management and distribution, the relaxation of international trade barriers, and the growth of information technology have contributed to greater competition, overcapacity, slimmer margins, and greater customer demands.

The consumer products industry has defined their market issues:

1. Driving profitable growth in a global environment

2. Re-positioning of Brand and Product portfolios

3. Focus on sustainability and corporate social responsibility

4. Using customer and consumer insights to drive go to market effectiveness and new product development

5. Focus on the aging baby boomer and the “health-conscious” consumer

6. Implementing the right supply chain and trade relationships to master the complexity associated with inter-connected business models

7. Using information and technology as a strategic asset 


Jason Ke

Jason Ke

Consumer Business Industry Leader

Jason Ke is the audit partner in Deloitte & Touche Taipei office. He has plentiful experiences in providing clients in consumer business and technology related industries for various services, includi... More

Steven Hsieh

Steven Hsieh

Consumer Leader

Steven Hsieh is a partner of Assurance and Advisory Services in DTT Taipei office. He draws upon over 15 years client serving experience in a variety of industries, including manufacturing, biotechnol... More