Deloitte Analytics

Opportunities abound

Deloitte Analytics professionals love data, and that’s no exaggeration.

Deloitte member firms offer significant career opportunities and benefits available to those qualified professionals who choose to work with Deloitte Analytics.

Deloitte member firms' analytics teams are passionate about exploring and unearthing data to uncover the nuggets that truly deliver insight and value to clients. As part of a global network, you can help organizations understand and harness the power of information to learn from their past, gain insight into their present, and strategically plan for a successful future.

If you’ve been waiting to show what you really know, a career in analytics at a Deloitte member firm may be the right next move. As an analytics professional, you can put your knowledge of data management and business intelligence to work. At the same time, you’ll have an opportunity to nurture and develop your high-level analytical skills to help organizations benefit from advanced analytics practices, including predictive modelling, asset intelligence, and data-driven strategy development.

Deloitte Analytics spans all Deloitte member firms' functional businesses. Practitioners use and expand their range of experience and knowledge across a number of career areas and skill sets, including the following:

  • data mining
  • statistical modeling
  • data analysis
  • risk analysis and forecasting
  • descriptive and predictive modeling
  • project management
  • machine learning
  • database management
  • pattern recognition
  • deep-dive industry insight

If you’re passionate about analytics, consider a career with Deloitte Analytics.