An oil, gas, and chemicals industry perspective: Tech Trends 2019

How can oil, gas, and chemicals organizations keep pace in a quickly evolving industry? By tackling transformation head-on and embracing change. As technology trends reshape how value is delivered to customers, leaders can pull ahead of the competition by adopting strategic and operational transformations and reimagining what it means to operate in a digitally driven global economy.

Technology trends facing the oil, gas, and chemicals industry

Technology disruption in the oil, gas, and chemicals industry is accelerating the pace of change and generating a nonstop stream of questions, challenges, and opportunities. To carry out their mandates, company leaders and industry professionals need to anticipate, understand, and remain a step ahead of emerging technology trends.

Focused, industry-relevant insights are critical to making this happen. This guide provides an oil, gas, and chemicals-specific perspective on Deloitte’s "Technology Trends 2019: Beyond the digital frontier" report. It examines several important trends impacting the industry, touching on the macro technology forces at play and how modern businesses can navigate digital transformation. These forces are actively shaping strategic and operational change, redefining information technology’s (IT) role within the enterprise, and forcing business leaders to reimagine what it means to operate in a technology-driven global economy.

Already, new digital innovations are helping to expand the supply of hydrocarbons and other resources, while lowering costs and increasing productivity. Advanced data analytics, artificial intelligence (AI), cognitive automation, and machine learning are helping to convert the industry’s vast troves of untapped data into actionable insights to underpin innovative business strategies. These and other technologies are also creating industry workforce opportunities and challenges.

Through real-world examples and key considerations, this publication should help oil, gas, and chemicals industry leaders gain a clearer view of what lies ahead and generate ideas for how they can shape that future to meet their evolving needs.

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