Energy & Chemicals

Russo-Ukrainian War, U.S.-China trade war and Monetary Policy in each country made a huge impact on Energy & Chemicals industries, increasing the risk of business operation.


As the leading provider of the world's primary energy sources, the energy and chemicals industry is an important business, the transformation of which stands at the heart of enabling a successful energy transition and sustainable future.


Our practitioners listen to our clients to formulate customized solutions based on our extensive capabilities. We bring a combination of subject-matter depth and multi-disciplinary skills, and by harnessing the value of collaboration across the industry, we can accelerate the pace of innovation to continue to supply the energy the world needs in a lower-carbon way.


莊碧玉 Eva Chuang

莊碧玉 Eva Chuang


莊碧玉現任勤業眾信聯合會計師事務所執業會計師。於取得東吳大學會計碩士學位後,即加入勤業會計師事務所擔任審計部查帳員,於民國一O七年晉升為勤業眾信聯合會計師事務所執業會計師。莊會計師目前負責多家上市(櫃)公司之審計及稅務諮詢顧問等業務。目前擔任台灣聚合化學品、德淵企業、南良國際、TPK Holding、康和證券…等之簽證會計師。對證券金融服務業、電子業、製造業等之查核、內部控制規劃及外國企業來台與本... More