Corporate Finance Advisory Services

Merger & Acquisitions

We provide tailored advice and support to help secure the right deal, at the right time and at the right price. Our mergers and acquisitions service aims to reduce the risks inherent in each transaction by identifying the financial, tax and legal risk factors in each transaction. 

Acquisition Searches

We assist by identifying companies that meet acquisition criteria, researching them further to shortlist the best prospects, formulating negotiation strategies and arranging introductions.


We match known buyers of companies with known sellers, using a variety of databases within Deloitte’s global network

Transaction Execution

Our support includes formulating approach strategies and preliminary views on valuation and deal structure, advising on tactics & negotiation strategy throughout the transaction process, and setting the framework for due diligence.

Business Disposal

We offer timely advice so that all options are considered:

Position The Company For Sale

We assist by determining the likely market and candidates for the business and help with the clarification and evaluation of associated issues. We also analyze financial risks and benefits, and offer valuation guidelines.


We prepare a preliminary information summary for distribution to the target market. Then, we work with legal advisers to prepare Letters of Intent, Memoranda of Understanding, and Sale and Purchase Agreements.

Potential Purchasers

From extensive research and review of the Deloitte network, we compile a list of potential purchasers for your business. We then refine this list down to a core group, providing you with an analysis of each party. Afterwards, we send the target buyers the relevant documentation.

Sales  Process

We advise a suitable deal structure based on a comprehensive review of financial, accounting and tax considerations. We handle client meetings, price negotiations, and provide assistance during the entire process.

Going Forward

Understanding that the work does not end with the conclusion of a transaction, we can also assist with post-acquisition planning and integration.

Capital Raising

Capital is the lifeblood that ensures a company’s continuous development and survival. A company may possess advanced technology and the right product mix, but without sufficient capital, the prospect of the company is nonetheless severely impaired.

We assist in the determination of the most efficient funding sources, and the subsequent attainment of funds.

Private Placement

We have access to institutional investors that allow a company to have a direct relationship with cash-rich,   pre-qualified   institutional   investors, and enables it to obtain financing quickly and discreetly. By providing independent expert advice and suggesting ways of structuring the finance to meet the expectations of financiers, shareholders and managers, we can help at each stage of the funding process by:

●Assessing the feasibility of the proposals
●Valuing the business
●Selecting sources of finance and negotiating terms
●Identifying and introducing strategic partners or financial investor
●Advising on opportunities to reduce the personal and corporate taxation burden
●Coordinating the work of the transaction team and ensuring a timely completion

Project Financing

To help raise capital for a specific project / project entity where repayment is dependent on the cash flow generated by the project, we can provide expert advice in the areas encompassing:

●Defining the optimal project structure
●Ascertaining  financing strategy,  options  and feasibility
●Supporting negotiations of project agreements
●Liaising with the working parties to facilitate a satisfactory and timely execution of relevant agreements and project documents

Corporate Advisory

We provide high quality strategic corporate advisory and support services for companies planning or undertaking acquisitions, divestitures, refinancing, restructures and joint ventures. We help clients understand critical success factors by offering an independent and objective perspective to each of our client transactions – every step of the way.

Planning & Assessment

●Assistance in analyzing, evaluating and selecting of the best growth strategy and business mode
●Strategic planning and implementation for investments/joint ventures
●Identification of suitable partners that meet specified investment criteria
●Review of potential partners’ business operations
●Negotiation support and strategic advice

Equity Capital Market Group

Deloitte is the #1 financial advisor in Taiwan according to Bloomberg for the 12-month period ending Apr. 30th of 2018, with track records in various types of transactions including merger, share swap, tender offer and private placement.

Public transactions we successfully planned and executed:

Industry Consolidation

Transactions involving horizontal and/or vertical integration as well as diversification of public companies in Taiwan for industry consolidation and transformation.

Privatization of Public Companies

Delisting and ownership consolidation of public companies initiated by major shareholders, management, and/or financial investors.

Cross-border In-bound Strategic Investment

Acquisition of or investment into Taiwan public companies by global corporations from the same or related industries.

Private Equity Investment

Investment into significant minority and/or majority stake of public companies by private equity funds.


Peter Fan

Peter Fan

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Maggie Pan

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