Exit Strategy

If your JV partner is becoming difficult and unwilling to cooperate; or if you are losing control over operations and employees; or if the JV partners delays in approving a dividend distribution; or if you are asked to increase your capital contribution, it could be a warning sign that your investment is heading for trouble.

Exit & Recovery Services

Our team is experienced in advising investors on the most appropriate course of action in a situation where the performance of an investment is deteriorating and/or the investor is losing control of operations, particularly in the case of joint venture operations. We are able to advise on the most appropriate strategy for a successful resolution of the situation to ensure the return is maximized or any loss minimized and the client’s reputation is safeguarded. We are experienced in dealing with JV partners and employees, so as to gain maximum leverage out or the limited tools available to exit investments.

Closure  Management

We offer a full range of closure management service which helps clients to properly wind down a business in a timely and effective manner.

Our services cover:

  • Acting as the Lead Project Manager to assist with the orderly close down of a business or its operations.
  • Prioritizing work and coordinating multi-disciplinary advisors so as to ensure that the relevant concerns (e.g. audit, tax, legal etc.) have been properly attended to and the relevant services will be delivered in a consistent and timely manner.
  • Advising on employee entitlements
  • Assisting in dealing with supplies, landlords, employees, creditors, debtors, customers etc.


Peter Fan

Peter Fan

Senior Managing Director

Peter Fan is Managing Director of FAS. He is not only an expert in helping foreign companies make an IPO in Taiwan, but also familiar with the practice of M&A, industry integration and risk management... More