Building cyber security into critical infrastructure

Protecting industrial control systems in Asia Pacific

The digital revolution shows no signs of slowing down, especially in Asia Pacific, as critical infrastructure sectors and other industries embrace new technologies. Vast possibilities and benefits are being unlocked by the ongoing convergence of information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT), and the emergence of Industry 4.0 ecosystems. But as technological innovations enhance and optimise critical infrastructure operations, they also heighten the cyber exposure and risks to OT and IT alike.

Critical infrastructure operators in Asia Pacific are increasingly being targeted by cyber espionage and sophisticated attacks with the potential for severe disruption to essential services such as energy and water supply. In addition, the diversity of economies, geopolitical risk, and technology in Asia Pacific is reflected in the disparity in the maturity and enforcement of cyber security requirements in critical infrastructure. The region is ramping up its efforts to secure critical infrastructure but there is still room for significant improvement.

This paper examines the changing risk landscape in Asia Pacific, highlights the urgency of addressing these challenges, and provides an approach to build cyber security into critical infrastructure. Read Building cyber security into critical infrastructure: Protecting industrial control systems in Asia Pacific to learn more about developing your strategies and plans for greater cyber resilience.

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