Private 5G networks

Secure connectivity for Industry 4.0

The advent of Industry 4.0 technologies and use cases promises to revolutionise manufacturing, with new capabilities unlocking tremendous performance gains from overall equipment effectiveness to waste reduction and supply chain optimisation. Early adopters are further integrating information technology (IT) with operational technology (OT) to implement use cases ranging from predictive maintenance to remote support via augmented reality applications. Others are deploying intelligent autonomous vehicles in factories and warehouses to optimise efficiency and reduce errors which can lead to safety incidents.

What do all these use cases have in common? They are data driven. They require advanced, flexible, and increasingly mobile connectivity.

But while some forms of wireless connectivity are already employed for select manufacturing operations, previously available technology has typically not met operational requirements for broader use in factories. Safety, reliability, and uptime are of the utmost importance in manufacturing, and the previous technology was simply not robust enough. Nor was there such a pressing need for more modern wireless technology.

In this report, we examine key operational requirements in manufacturing operations and how these translate to network communications in OT. We then explain how 5G wireless technology provides the reliability, security, flexibility, and performance required by industrial applications. We introduce different types of 5G deployment scenarios and highlight key factors for factory owners to consider while embarking on this journey.

Read our report to learn more as you prepare to enhance connectivity in your factories and leverage the enormous potential of Industry 4.0 use cases.


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