Forensic Technology Service

With the rigorous standard of digital forensic procedures and forensic technology, we handle and analyze every evidence from all kinds of digital equipment to reveal the truth.

Deloitte Forensic Technology Service consists of professional investigation team, first non-government ISO accredited digital forensic laboratory and plenty practical experiences. Following strict forensic principle, no matter what kinds of risk events, Deloitte can provide high quality of digital evidence handling, analysis report and litigation support. We can assist enterprise clients to build forensic compliant environment and enhance their forensic ability. Analytics and Forensics Lab established by Deloitte Taiwan, also provides ISO/IEC 17025 implementation & accreditation counseling, and source code escrow service.

Service Introduction

Deloitte Forensic Technology Service consists of professional consultants, validated methodologies and practical experiences. We adhere to forensic principles and assist clients in evidence preservation, collection, acquisition, analysis and litigation support. Deloitte can also assist clients to enhance their evidence collection and forensic analysis mechanism under the national judicial regulations. A forensic compliant environment will be established for the company in advance, which can cope with any risk and litigation involving electronic information.

The Analytics and Forensics Lab established by Deloitte Taiwan has granted the ISO 17025 accreditation (Lab Code: 2918) by Taiwan Accreditation Foundation. Following the information security forensic lab of the Ministry of Justice Investigation Bureau, the Analytics and Forensic lab has become the first non-government ISO/IEC accredited digital forensic laboratory. We can provide our enterprise clients with the highest quality professional forensic service, including digital evidence preservation, collection, analysis, reporting; and ISO/IEC 17025 implementation & accreditation counseling, and source code escrow.

Deloitte’s Service and Advantage

Deloitte assist enterprises which encounter internal or external investigation process, including information security incidents, hacker attacking, advanced penetration threat (APT), and infringement of intellectual property, PII & trade secrets, etc. Through the vigilant forensic analysis techniques and equipment, the organization can have a strong backup support when starting legal acts, including digital evidence handling, analysis & report, incident response of data leakage.

Deloitte provide digital evidence handling mechanism building service that is compliant with international judicial requirements, which will help companies to establish a digital forensic environment in advance. This includes forensic environment gap analysis, the construction of digital forensic environment analysis or laboratory, the enhancement of response ability and the actual drill for forensic practice.

We refer Deloitte Global, ISO / IEC 27037, ACPO, NIJ, and other principles published by European/American justice system to handle digital evidence, including preservation, collection(packing & transportation), acquisition(imaging & verification); and  can also  follow the requirement of US Federal FRCP Discovery, Anti-Trust or Anti-Dumping, to producing the format of  litigation document review to support  cross-border  litigation.

Deloitte Taiwan’s   Analytics & Forensics Lab has followed the standard laboratory accreditation and industry's best forensic analysis practices. With the control of standard procedures and strictly physical security, it can be assured that there will be no threats to any digital evidence and no dispute over the chain of custody for which stored in this laboratory.

Service Items

  • Digital evidence retention appropriateness assessment service
  • Digital evidence collection and preservation service
  • Laboratory analysis report service
  • Incident response and  the drill for forensic practice consulting service
  • Digital forensic ability training (including legal, procedural and technical)
  • Implementation of digital evidence first responders standard procedures (ISO/IEC 27037)
  • Hacker attacking forensic investigation service
  • Malware forensic analysis service
  • Personal data leakage forensic investigation service
  • Compliant eDiscovery evidence collection  & litigation support service
  • ISO/IEC 17025 laboratory management system implementation service
  • Customized automated digital forensic tools
  • Former employees evidence  preservation mechanism
  • Litigation strategy  and litigation support
  • Encase Computer Forensic I / II training


Chia-han Wu

Chia-han Wu

Risk Advisory Leader

Mr. Chia-han Wu has Information Security Experiences for 14 Years. Expert in practical application and RD in computer network, information security, computer crime area, e-commerce, network security, ... More