Sustainability and Climate Change Management Service

Build a Green and Sustainable Business

How companies respond to the interested parties (such as customers, authorities, shareholders, communities ... etc.) with regard to expectations for corporate social responsibility has become the primary challenge. Deloitte helps corporate to face those challenges from corporate governance, risk management, economic, social and environmental aspects. With systematic methodology and familiar with regulation, international and standard, Deloitte providing CSR governance, strategy, information disclosure, and report assurance service to helps corporate to make full use of sustainable advantage and seize the initiative.

Service Introduction

Sustainability has become a critical issue towards all industries. Top companies consider sustainability an opportunity of obtaining competitive advantages. The operations of enterprise shall adjust against the needs of economy, society, and environment with restricted self-discipline. That results in a more environmental friendly manufacturing, as well as more competitive  products or effective processes. In addition, companies are able to obtain superior employees, brand image, and investment opportunities. To establish competitive advantages regarding sustainability and climate change issues, Deloitte S&CC service assists companies to  realize sustainable development goal with broader and proactive vision.

Sustainability Governance and Planning

Based on global wide implementation experiences, Deloitte developed Sustainability Value Map to assist companies to form sustainability strategy and solution.  We also provide advisory service about international standards or regulation compliance issue. Furthermore, based on GRI Guideline, Deloitte helps companies to identify issues in materiality, collect relevant information effectively, plan and produce CSR/ Sustainability report with high quality.

Sustainable Supply Chain

Under the trend of globalization, the conventional supply chain management has become obsolete due to complex and various business environment. Combined the methodology of enterprise risk management, green supply chain management, and the insight of up-to-date issues such as conflict minerals and EICC, Deloitte assists companies to build management system of sustainability supply chain and to reduce overall sustainability risk from supply chain.

CSR Report Assurance

To enhance stakeholders trust, Deloitte, based on ISAE 3000 and AA 1000 Assurance methodology and standard, assures the correctness and accuracy of companies’ CSR report.

Advantages of Deloitte

  • Ranking as the world’s best sustainable consulting firm by independent analysis firm (Verdantix)
  • Deep expertise of our specialized industry practices in sustainability
  • With global consulting teams of business operation, process management and risk management, Deloitte provides integrated consulting service to our clients


Sustainability Governance and Planning

  • Corporate governance consulting
  • CSR Report consulting
  • Sustainable governance and management Consulting(ISO 26000, ISO 20121)
  • Carbon foot print and carbon neutral(PAS 2050, PAS 2060)
  • GHG emission management (ISO 14064)
  • Energy efficiency management (ISO 50001)
  • Green IT system and management
  • Crisis Management and Business Continuity Management(ISO 22301)

Supply Chain Sustainability

  • Sustainable supply chain management
  • Conflict mineral management
  • Security management systems for the supply chain(ISO 28000)

Human Capital Management

  • Strategic Change & Organization Transformation
  • Talent, Performance & Rewards
  • HR Transformation
  • HR law and regulation compliance

CSR Report Assurance and Verifications

  • CSR Report Assurance(ISAE 3000、AA 1000)
  • GHG Emissions Verifications


Chia-han Wu

Chia-han Wu

Risk Advisory Leader

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Mark Chen

Senior Managing Director

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