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Global Indirect Tax News

Monthly newsletter covering VAT, goods and services tax, sales tax issues, and global trade issues around the globe.

March 2018


  • Colombia: The tax authorities have issued Decree 349, which adjusts the customs regulations to promote trade facilitation.
  • Colombia: The Government has renewed some tariff exemptions for certain goods not produced in Colombia.
  • Colombia: The Council of State reaffirmed tariff exemption benefits for goods used in hydrocarbon exploration.

Asia Pacific

  • Australia: The Australian Taxation Office has published guidance to help merchants, online marketplace operators, and redeliverers who are located outside Australia, determine if they must register for GST and remit GST on low value goods supplied to Australian customers.
  • Malaysia: The Royal Malaysian Customs Department has issued a GST public ruling on the supply of commercial residential premises.
  • Malaysia: Some RMCD GST guides have been updated.
  • Malaysia: New customs and excise duties (exemption) orders have come into effect.


  • GCC: There is an update on VAT implementation in the Gulf Cooperation Council.
  • France: There has been a court judgment regarding information requests with respect to VAT refund claims by EU nonresident businesses.
  • France: There has been an Advocate General opinion in a Court of Justice of the European Union referral regarding the application of the C3S tax to cross-border transfers of own goods.
  • Germany: The Court of Justice of the European Union found that Germany’s operation of the tour operators' margin scheme (TOMS) is incompatible with the EU Principal VAT Directive.
  • Hungary: The tax authorities publish information and documentation on the real-time invoice data provision obligation, which enters into force on 1 July 2018.
  • Ireland: Irish Revenue has issued eBrief No. 030/18 on Customs Warehousing, which updates their Guidance Manual to reflect the changes in the new Union Customs Code (UCC).
  • Italy: The tax authorities have provided some significant guidelines regarding the VAT exemption for fuel/lubricants.
  • Italy: The tax authorities have provided some significant clarifications regarding the exoneration from the bank guarantee requirement for withdrawal of goods from VAT warehouses.
  • Italy: The Customs Agency has issued a note simplifying the guarantees for releasing goods into free circulation.
  • Italy: The Ministry of Finance has issued a decree in relation to the release for consumption of fuel from a fiscal warehouse and the extraction of fuel from a warehouse of a registered consignee.
  • Malta: Malta has been authorized to apply higher a VAT registration threshold for small businesses.
  • Netherlands: The legislative proposal to implement the EU Voucher Directive into the VAT Act has been adopted by the Senate and Parliament.
  • Poland: As of 1 July 2018, VAT payers must provide upon demand by the tax authorities their books in the form of JPK files.
  • Poland: From 1 January 2018 Polish VAT-related returns must be submitted in electronic form.
  • South Africa: The Health Promotion Levy (HPL) on sugar-sweetened beverages (SSBs), or 'sugar tax' comes into effect on 1 April 2018.
  • Spain: A Ministerial Order has been published concerning specifications for the SII (Immediate Information Supply).
  • Switzerland: There has been an extension of the criteria for VAT refund claims by foreign-based entities.
  • Ukraine: New rules apply to the phytosanitary control of goods transported on wooden pallets or in wooden, or paper packaging material.
  • Ukraine: The National Bank of Ukraine continues to gradually ease the administrative restrictions on the transfer of foreign currency abroad.
  • United Kingdom: The Chancellor of the Exchequer has presented the Spring Statement to Parliament, which included the publication of a number of indirect tax consultations and calls for evidence.
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