Reward, Employment Tax and Share Plans


Reward, Employment Tax, and Share Plans

Helping design and operate competitive reward programs

To stay competitive, organizations need to design and offer attractive compensation and benefit plans—in a way that is cost-effective, tax-efficient, and compliant. Our teams of compensation and HR specialists can identify opportunities with the potential to transform your employment compensation programs

Deloitte professionals create local and global reward programs that benefit both employees and employers, and align with talent strategies and diverse workforce needs. We evaluate compensation-related tax matters at all stages of a company's lifecycle, including mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, and general restructuring. We evaluate and identify total reward programs, incentives, and benefits that are attractive to employees and provide an efficient return on investment.

Advisory services to support compensation plans, employment taxes, and payroll

Compliant, effective, and human-centric compensation services

Offering and operating incentive plans and benefits for a domestic or global workforce is growing increasingly complex, due in part to more stringent wage and tax reporting requirements.

Deloitte offers compensation, tax, and payroll services to help clients address compensation and tax reporting in multiple jurisdictions while enhancing employee experience and financial transparency. We develop and analyze executive compensation packages, including bonuses, share plans, benefits, and pensions. We support clients ranging from startups to global companies with complex payroll and compensation issues.

Executive Compensation Advisory

An effective executive compensation strategy is about more than financial incentive alone. To attract, retain, and motivate high-caliber talent, it must also align with business strategy, support company goals, and reinforce organizational values.

Deloitte’s executive compensation specialists work with compensation and human resources teams to design and implement a company’s remuneration strategy, benefit policies, and pension structure. We benchmark executive pay levels and advise on disclosures, tax obligations, and governance. During M&A and IPOs, we can advise on reward issues and perform HR due diligence.

Equity and Incentives

The success of an incentive plan is rooted in the collaboration of stakeholders and subject matter experts in areas including HR, legal, tax, and accounting. We partner with clients from fast-growing startups to large multinationals to help them design, implement, operate, and communicate employee incentives that support key business objectives.

Deloitte’s global network of incentive experts specialize in plan design, governance, compliance, tax, legal and regulatory considerations, operations, communications, accounting, and finance. Our multidisciplinary approach allows us to provide a breadth and depth of support from equity plan inception, design, and implementation to ongoing operations. This includes understanding the costs of new arrangements, delivering legal documents in some jurisdictions, drafting communications on employee incentives, and managing compliance and risk.

Employment Taxes Services

Employment taxes can trigger critical risk and compliance exposure. At Deloitte, a globally coordinated network of employment tax specialists and market-leading technologies help businesses manage employment tax risk. Deloitte also offers practical support and advice on employment tax and payroll compliance. We advise clients on meeting employment tax and payroll obligations, identify employment tax issues, institute risk remediation, help resolve uncertain tax positions, and establish standards supporting cost-effectiveness and financial transparency.

Deloitte’s GlobalAdvantage technology platform manages tax, social security, and other governmental withholding and reporting requirements. This proprietary technology also automates time-consuming employment tax review processes, increasing efficiency and mitigating employment tax risks.

We advise many of the world’s largest multinational organizations on some of the most complex and challenging employment tax and reward issues. We work with clients on practical yet innovative approaches for complying with evolving employment tax and regulation.

Employee Communications

Creative employee communications are key to ensuring that your global incentive plan, equity, employee reward and employment tax plan are communicated in a way that keeps employees fully informed, compliant, engaged and connected with your business, and motivated to work harder and stay longer.

Deloitte’s specialist creative agency, Stitch Communications, develops on-brand creative communication strategies to support all stages of the employee journey. Intelligent, results-driven global employee communications help meet your strategic business objectives through emotive, smart, and articulate campaigns that talk to your people in ways they understand—bridging the gap between what you want to say and what they need to hear.

Payroll Advisory

Timely, accurate payroll for today’s diverse and mobile workforce is a complex task—one that's rarely appreciated until something goes wrong.

Deloitte professionals create a flexible payroll function designed to meet the demands of today’s workforce. We offer domestic and international human resources and payroll advisory services, including practical proposals for making time-consuming tasks more efficient and strategic alignment of payroll practices and policies with corporate vision.

We can also help clients select a payroll vendor, application, or operating model—including outsourcing; coordinated options; and customized country-specific, regional, and global delivery service models.

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Reward, Employment Tax, and Share Plans

Helping design and operate competitive reward programs

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