Workforce, Technology, and Analytics

Digital transformation for your mobile workforce

The global workforce is increasingly mobile and technologically savvy. Businesses need to align workforce mobility operations with business and talent strategies, including those focused on attracting and retaining top talent.

Deloitte’s HR, tax, and technology professionals can help identify and implement the workforce technology and data analytics needed to manage and support a diverse mobile workforce.

We advise on workforce technology and analytics strategy, helping you think through outsourcing and insourcing options, where to locate operations, how to navigate risk and comply with regulations, and other complex decisions—then identify workforce technologies that can help you digitally transform HR and mobile practices in line with organizational goals. 


As the workplace evolves and remote work becomes commonplace, businesses must implement measures to keep employees mobile, address cross-border travel, and design alternative working arrangements. HR, payroll, and tax professionals need to work together, often using workforce data analytics, to evaluate employee mobility policies, individual and corporate tax implications, and the business and personal realities of supporting and retaining mobile employees.

Deloitte’s mobility, HR, and tax professionals help clients establish global workforce strategies and operations for now and into the future, using workforce data analytics and technology to tailor solutions to business and talent objectives. Our services include benchmarking, policy and process design, internal service delivery and governance structures, technology and automation, diversity and inclusion, sustainability, and change and project management.

Technology and analytics

The contingent workforce and global talent pool are evolving, driven by new talent models, increased connectivity, and an ever more mobile workforce. For HR, that means redesigning jobs, redefining work, and reimaging the workplace. Meanwhile, both businesses and employees, expect a mobility experience that is simple, predictable, and personal. To meet those needs, companies must identify the HR technology and workforce solutions that best meet mobile employees’ needs.

Deloitte’s multidisciplinary teams use a design-led, data-driven approach, based in deep industry and subject-matter expertise, to produce custom mobility and talent solutions. We use HR data, analytics, and technology to automate workflows, visualize and analyze data, and inform strategic workforce decisions.

We focus on policy and process design, internal service delivery model transformation, operational scalability, cost management, program effectiveness measurement, customer experience enhancement, and workforce analytics to transform mobility and talent programs.

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Workforce, Technology, and Analytics

Digital transformation for your mobile workforce

Deloitte’s HR, tax, and technology professionals help identify and implement effective technology and data analysis solutions to help manage and support a diverse mobile workforce.

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