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2013 Winners and results

This year‘s edition of the Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited (DTTL) Global Technology, Media & Telecommunications (TMT) Industry Group‘s annual Technology Fast 500 Asia Pacific Ranking—now in its twelth year—reveals some striking trends that signify new promise and suggest new directions for the future of the region‘s TMT businesses. For one thing, it is clear that the best of these—like the top five in this year‘s ranking with their average 10,589 percent three-year growth rate and predominance of Internet firms—can outperform, even in the most mature and stable of markets.


China Communications Media Group Co. Ltd., one of China’s largest mobile software platforms, develops and markets software for smartphones. The company focuses on applications for mobile phones which provide channel-extension services. In 2007, CCMG began to introduce value-added services, and in 2009 launched Symbian/Windows Mobile/Linux platforms and numerous cross-platform products, including MTK, Spreadtrum and Mstar. Today, CCMG serves more than 100 million mobile phone subscribers.

Runner up

Ranked number two, Ardom Telecom is focused on providing reliable operations and maintenance services for both active and passive components of cellular networks. The company focuses on addressing areas that raise costs and increase operating inefficiencies for telcos, resulting in Ardom becoming the partner of choice for leading telecom companies in India.

Third Place

Ranked third, Locondo Inc operates an e-commerce shoes and bag fashion shopping site. Since the service's launch in Feb 2001, Locondo has acquired more than 400,000 members and has partnered with more than 1,000 brands providing customers with free shipping, free returns, free concierge and a quick delivery service shopping website for fashion items, particularly shoes. Recently, Locondo expanded its range to include bags, apparel products, watches and accessories.

Technology Fast 500 Asia Pacific Press Release

Top ten ranked companies at a glance

Key Ranking Statistics and trends: Technology Fast 500 Asia Pacific 2013 Winners Report

  • The top five fastest-growing companies exceeded even last year's 10,338 percent growth with over 10,589 percent. Average top 500 growth, however, declined somewhat to 355.74 percent vs. 2012 growth figure of 467 percent
  • With 128 companies ranked in the top 500, China emerged this year as the market with the most fast-growing companies in Asia Pacific. China’s ranking has improved year after year, rising from #2 behind Taiwan in 2012 and #3 in 2011 behind Taiwan and South Korea
  • Leading the list with 161 companies, the software sector saw a notable increase from the 119 companies it claimed in the top 500 in 2012. The semiconductor, components and electronics sector saw a reduction to 116 companies in the top 500, forfeiting its top rank from 2012.


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