Business analytics with SAP HANA™

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Of all the advances made recently in business analytics, perhaps none are more important than increased speed and accessibility. Put simply, it’s becoming much easier for a wider range of users to tap deeper insights from an organization’s data – faster. And the in-memory capabilities introduced by SAP HANA™ can help turn these trends into a serious competitive advantage.

SAP HANA™ arrives at a moment when hardware advances have brought the ability to gather and store massive amounts of data with relative ease.  But these abilities haven’t necessarily made things easier:  For many, it was hard enough to glean insights from modest amounts of data, and greater data volumes may only be muddying the waters.  That’s where SAP HANA™ can help.  Today, Deloitte is at the forefront of developing practical applications of HANA for a range of industries, organizations, and business challenges.  While we bring strong technical capabilities to every engagement, what sets us apart is our business-oriented approach.  We bring a deep industry- and organization-level understanding to the core business challenges of HANA-enabled initiatives. 

Opportunity is knocking.  You can run SAP NetWeaver BW on SAP HANA™ today

The ability to achieve the benefits of in-memory technology while preserving the value of your BW investments could open the door to significant new opportunities.

Opportunity is knocking.

SAP HANA™ facilitated data analytics - Yes now

New in-memory solutions enabled by SAP’s High Performance Analytic Appliance (HANA) have reached a level of maturity that makes them ready for enterprise-level deployment, changing the way organizations can access their data and turn it into actionable, accessible business insight.

SAP HANA facilitated data analytics

Exploring Analytics Possibilities

The Highly Immersive Visual Environment Helps Make Business Analytics Real, Tangible, and Practical.

Exploring Analytics Possibilities
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