Energy, Resources & Industrials


Energy, Resources & Industrials

Industry Overview

Transformation processes in the current Ukrainian political, economic and legislative environment, as well as growing competition and environmental questions, govern the future growth of energy and resources companies and also outline future challenges in the area of organizational performance. 

At Deloitte, we thoroughly understand the business requirements in energy and resources sector and are prepared to use our broad international expertise and unique insight for our clients’ benefit.  Our dedicated specialists provide comprehensive, integrated solutions covering oil and gas, metals and mining, power, shipping and water. These solutions address the broad range of challenges facing companies as they adapt to a changing regulatory environment; to significant political, economic and market pressures; and to innovative technological development.

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The services we offer include:

  • consulting on strategy and new business development opportunities
  • tax planning and compliance
  • mergers and acquisitions advisory
  • reorganization and restructuring services for oil and gas sector companies
  • IT and ERP implementation
  • valuation of business and assets of the oil and gas sector companies
  • analysis of tax liabilities of the oil and gas sector companies
  • audits of financial statements prepared under IFRS, US GAAP, UAS or other national standards capital raising advisory
  • legal services
  • pre-IPO due diligence procedures; tax and legal restructuring procedures in preparation for IPO; assistance in IPO process

In our work we use the latest technologies and conduct detailed analysis of production and management processes.

Oil & gas

Ongoing reform of Ukrainian tax policy as well as a need in reforming oil and gas sector in Ukraine provides for an exciting and attractive exploration opportunities for investors. 

Oil and gas, especially upstream sector in Ukraine remains over-regulated and hampered for entrance.  The practice of cooperation with investors for the purpose of upstream operations in Ukraine is relatively new and the accompanying legislation is both complex and ambiguous. Nevertheless, we are always trying to help or clients to resolve the issues they face with when entering the Ukrainian market. 

We offer unrivalled depth, breadth and quality of professional expertise to serve the needs of clients across the oil and gas sector.  We help clients to respond to complex and changing markets, regulatory reform and restructuring. The value we offer comes through a combination of our strong technical skills across many disciplines, our thorough knowledge of the industry and our global network.


While the issues facing mining companies appear familiar year-to-year, the factors influencing the industry are moving to a new level of extremity. Amid constant commodity price gyrations and a widening talent gap, costs associated with wages, taxes and capital investments have reached new peaks.

Deloitte's mining group has significant knowledge and experience in serving mining companies all over the world as well as in the CIS and Ukraine.  Deloitte’s local as well as international experts help mining companies in different areas making it possible to sustain a competitive advantage.

We offer a comprehensive range of services developed to meet customers’ needs in strategy development, the improvement of organizational efficiency, accounting, taxation, and corporate finance.

Electric power

Suffering from lack of financing and overregulation from the Government, Ukrainian power generation and transportation infrastructure requires significant renovation.

In order to stimulate the renovation and development of the power industry, further privatization and simplification of government regulations are expected.

Deloitte is a leading provider of professional services to the electric power industry.  We are the World’s market leaders in providing services to independent power producers. These services address a range of challenges facing energy companies as they adapt to a changing regulatory environment, to political, economic and market pressure, to merger frenzy and to technological developments.


At Deloitte, we have a unique understanding of the management of infrastructure assets. Deloitte has experience in serving leading companies in such sectors: railroad, airports, water infrastructure and infrastructure of the cities. Our advisory services cover topics ranging from audit service, financial advisory and corporate strategy to emissions credit trading, tax analysis, planning and compliance.



Deloitte is one of the leading professional services firms in the region. We are constantly tailoring our services to fit Ukrainian market and to match the needs of our clients, often being called upon to develop new solutions to current issues. 

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