HR Transformation Offerings


HR Transformation

There’s no single path to driving value through Human Resources (HR) - not every HR initiative is transformative. However, every HR investment can point the way to value. That’s where Deloitte’s HRT practitioners excel: Forging a direct path to High Impact. The success of any HR Transformation initiative extends beyond the creation of capacity and focuses on building the capability, credibility and community to deliver High Impact for the business. For three decades, our practitioners have focused exclusively on the HR function. We will never stop investing in the future of HR. We are the leader today because we are always thinking about tomorrow.

HR Operational Excellence & Customer Experience

New technologies, platforms, processes and systems are meaningless without the capability to leverage them to the fullest.  We are often amazed at how much investment is put into new solutions as compared with the time taken to upskill the HR organization itself. After all, it’s the HR professionals who are truly impacting and delivering the customer experience. Working with Deloitte enables you to focus on building the culture and capabilities you need to deliver for the future so that they don’t get stale in the context of today’s ever-evolving business demands.

HR Operational Excellence (incl. Shared Services & Outsourcing)

Deloitte’s professionals have helped to guide organizations in optimizing the HR function to support business imperatives over the past three decades. This often involves a strategic shift in the delivery of HR services to reflect the needs of the business as the organization, regulations and talent landscape changes. The delivery of HR services may range from HR Shared Services, Outsourcing, or a blended model.  

Credibility with the business starts with delivering HR services with excellence. To stay current in this world of disruption, HR needs to apply design thinking to their processes, digital technology to their applications and deliver services through the lens of the employee experience while still stretching every operational dollar to its fullest value. Working with Deloitte enables you to bring these trends together in an operating model that is focused on delivering impact that the business will value.

HR Technology Strategy & Vendor Selection

Today’s organizations are confronted with an ever growing menu of technology considerations that span between on-premise, cloud, and custom solutions. Deploying HR technology solutions is part art and part science.  The science comes from world-class tools and proven methodologies, but the art can only come from experience.

The experience to know which technologies to leverage, how they integrate with your processes to create the right employee experience and how they can be deployed in your organization to drive adoption and, most importantly, change. Working with Deloitte allows you to leverage our know-how to optimize the value of your technology investment and create the capacity you need to focus on leading the business forward.

An HR Technology Strategy and Vendor Selection effort includes: assessment of ERP and Cloud solutions, vendor selection support, and technology solutions for shared service centers and outsourced operations. This offering spans innovative technology practices to address an organization‘s specific needs for HR solutions related to people, data, reporting, and portal requirements.

HCM Oracle

HR organizations are moving toward creating engaging employee experiences by promoting a collaborative culture, enabling powerful analytics, and empowering employees to control their own career path. Oracle’s new generation of cloud-based Human Capital Management (HCM) applications delivers cutting-edge HR functionality for the workforce while bringing down IT infrastructure and upgrade costs. We help clients build capacity and capability to support business objectives by providing end-to-end HCM technology services from strategy, design and implementation through flexible project delivery models that best align to our client’s needs.

Deloitte maintains one of the largest Oracle practices in the world, and is a leader in implementing the Oracle HCM Cloud suite. Deloitte’s certified practitioners carry global deployment experience in using our specialized tools and flexible delivery models to support our clients’ needs.

HCM SAP-SuccessFactors

The new world of work puts increasing pressure on HR to deliver innovative talent solutions.  Deloitte is a leading global strategic integrator of SAP HCM and SuccessFactors technology. Our ‘made-to-measure’ approach is designed around an organization’s own uniqueness while leveraging the best of on-premise and cloud solutions in the most optimal way. We advise on development of the business case and definition of the implementation roadmap through to benefit delivery assurance and integration support. We accelerate speed to value by leveraging our Fast Forward methodology and using Deloitte’s exclusive IndustryPrintTM process mapping templates and Enterprise Value Delivery (EVD) methods.

HCM Workday

The Workday Human Capital Management (HCM) solution offers a cutting-edge, cloud-based, SaaS platform to manage, deploy, and develop workforce capability, and to provide analytics and insights. It provides the means to enhance HR service delivery effectiveness, and free HR to focus on strategic activities to support the business. 

Deloitte’s Workday team brings extensive knowledge drawn from implementing more projects than any other partner in the ecosystem. Our track record for quality, as rated by Workday’s Delivery Assurance program, is the highest in the market. We use our full life cycle methodology, integrating our leading methods and tools, to effectively and efficiently implement Workday from planning through go-live and into ongoing support.


Many HR organizations turn to cloud-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions to help simplify process transformation and enable users to more easily access and engage with vital systems. That’s the vision. It’s powerful, and achievable. But it doesn’t happen automatically when the system goes live. Realizing the potential of cloud-based Human Capital Management is an ongoing process. 

Beyond routine support and regular oversight, SaaS solutions require organizations to practice rigor and discipline to manage updates and decide when to adopt new features based on business objectives. Deloitte’s Application Management Services (AMS) provides not only day-to-day support to help keep your systems up and running smoothly but also functional and technical knowledge and strategic guidance.

Workforce Planning & Analytics

With the emergence of the gig economy, the change in the demographics of the workforce and the ever-evolving business needs, it’s clear that the workforce of tomorrow will look very different than the workforce of today. To be a true business partner with the credibility to lead the business – not just sit at the table - HR can’t just be managing talent, you need to be building the workforce of the future.

In order to make effective, fact-based decisions about current talent needs as well as predict employee behaviors, organizations need to be able to leverage large amounts of internal and external data. Many HR organizations are only beginning to develop this capability or are unsure how to work with the data they do have. Working with Deloitte enables you to gain the insights you need to build and execute a workforce strategy that will help the business survive today’s disruption.

HR Products & Innovation

In today’s rapidly changing environment, innovation is everywhere, including the world of HR. A new HR or talent product is on the market every few days. Staying on top of the latest technology trends in the HR ecosystem is essential to ensure you’re providing the tools, solutions and services that today’s workforce demands. Deloitte has taken a leading approach to develop innovative products that optimize HR technology implementations. Deloitte professionals are uniquely positioned to advise on, design, and implement these tools.

These technologies are targeted to create a meaningful HR service delivery experience, improve labor management practices, and extend the value of existing on-premise and cloud solutions by boosting productivity and engagement. Working with Deloitte enables you to reach into our community of experts to always be out in front and taking the lead in the world of Digital HR.

Mergers, Acquisitions & Restructuring

Companies embark on a merger, acquisition, or restructuring because they believe it will yield business value. Properly recognizing and managing the people aspects of the effort is critical to realizing this potential value.

Deloitte M&A and restructuring professionals draw upon the experience earned in more than 1,000 global engagements to guide companies on how to enable growth, capture value, and bring the business together (or effectively carve the business out). Our subject matter experience encompasses the full range of Human Resources matters throughout the transaction life cycle – including Total Rewards, Organization & Talent Development, culture change, HR Transformation, and Actuarial Services. These are backed by Deloitte's deep breadth of experience across the disciplines of Consulting, Audit, Tax, and Financial Advisory for a comprehensive approach that is both business-led and people-driven.