Корпоративне управління, комплаєнс та GDPR


Corporate governance, compliance and GDPR

Always one step ahead

Deloitte offers a range of corporate governance and compliance services. We assist our clients with both company-wide initiatives (building of a corporate governance framework) and day-to-day compliance with regulatory requirements in different fields

Legal advice on corporate governance:

  • Analysis of the company's corporate governance system for compliance with legal requirements
  • Assistance in implementation of changes in the corporate governance system: establishment of new management bodies (e. g. supervisory board), analysis of their authorities, etc.
  • Development of corporate agreements, etc.

Compliance related legal services:

  • Compliance due diligence, including within M&As
  • Development of internal policies (code of ethics, code of corporate governance, anti-corruption program, etc.)
  • Conducting training sessions for the client's staff
  • Legal advice on and support of compliance with anti-corruption, competition, corporate, labor, personal data protection laws, etc.

Legal services to ensure compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR):

  • Comprehensive assessment of whether the company's operations are compliant with the GDPR requirements, performed in cooperation with Deloitte's experienced IT professionals to identify existing risks and to provide recommendations on the most appropriate methods of their elimination or mitigation
  • Development of documents and implementation of measures required for bringing the company's operations into compliance with the GDPR requirements (for example, development of the privacy policy, personal data processing consent forms, mandatory corporate rules, contractual provisions for cross-border transfer of personal data, etc.)


Dmytro Pavlenko

Dmytro Pavlenko

Partner, Attorney-at-Law, Head of Tax & Legal

Dmytro Pavlenko is a Partner and the Head of Tax & Legal Department in Deloitte Ukraine. He is leading Legal and Business Processes and Solutions (BPS) practices. He has PhD in Law and is Attorney-at-... More

Anton Bychkov

Anton Bychkov

Senior Lawyer, Tax & Legal

Anton Bychkov is a Senior Lawyer at Tax & Legal department, who joined Deloitte Ukraine in 2017 and has over 10 years of professional experience in the field of corporate and contractual law, privatiz... More