Юридична підтримка проектів, що фінансуються міжнародними донорськими організаціями (IDO)


Legal support of projects funded by international donors (IDO)

Always one step ahead

Legal support within consulting engagements on transformation of state-owned and municipal enterprises, support of state reforms, improvement of the investment climate in Ukraine

Regulatory activities:

  • Preparation of conceptual frameworks for regulations, strategies, programs, and other baseline documents
  • Drafting of regulations, including laws, and preparation of supporting documents
  • Preparation of legal memorandums, analysis of legislation and regulatory impact of draft laws
  • Coordination of discussion of draft regulations

Legal aspects of corporate governance at large state-owned enterprises:

  • Analysis and development of corporate documentation for enterprises, including charters, regulations on governing bodies, internal policies, codes, protocols, etc.
  • Recommendations on development or amendment of regulatory legal acts in corporate governance
  • Benchmarking of international best practices in corporate governance against applicable laws and the enterprise's local regulations, preparation of recommendations and related changes to internal documentation
  • Legal comments on the enterprise's target corporate structure, preparation of the legal part of corporate governance action plans

Legal support of SoE privatization:

  • Legal due diligence of state-owned enterprises that are subject to privatization (their assets in particular)
  • Identification of legal circumstances and risks that may arise from privatization of state-owned enterprises; recommendations on how to eliminate such risks
  • Legal support of auctions, preparation of supporting documentation, recommendations on material terms and conditions of the sales contracts

Support of deregulation processes, attraction of direct foreign investments, implementation of the European legislation:

  • Analysis of the legislation and separate regulations by, in particular, benchmarking them against best practices and EU laws recommendations on amendments to regulations
  • Research into existing regulatory barriers to direct foreign investment and doing business
  • Identification of changes that are most expected in the legal and regulatory framework covering industries / areas highly attractive for investors; provision of relevant recommendations
  • Analysis of the existing public initiatives to encourage investment in Ukraine, including government assistance and advising to foreign investors


Dmytro Pavlenko

Dmytro Pavlenko

Partner, Attorney-at-Law, Head of Tax & Legal

Dmytro Pavlenko is a Partner and the Head of Tax & Legal Department in Deloitte Ukraine. He is leading Legal and Business Processes and Solutions (BPS) practices. He has PhD in Law and is Attorney-at-... More

Anton Bychkov

Anton Bychkov

Senior Lawyer, Tax & Legal

Anton Bychkov is a Senior Lawyer at Tax & Legal department, who joined Deloitte Ukraine in 2017 and has over 10 years of professional experience in the field of corporate and contractual law, privatiz... More