Operational efficiency


Operational excellence

As markets shift, budgets shrink and customer expectations rise, organizations in all sectors are struggling to improve product and service delivery while reining in costs. Service and operational improvements can help address these challenges. In addition to delivering a competitive advantage, operational excellence can help organizations enhance process efficiency, reduce costs, improve customer service, accelerate response times and improve asset performance. Whether you need to optimize front- or back-office performance, our specialists can help. Leveraging proven diagnostics, Six Sigma and Lean disciplines, industry best practices and our proprietary IndustryPrint™ templates, we can advise on all aspects of your business operations to help you improve processes, extend your organizational capabilities and strengthen your performance management skills.

  • optimal operational models, enabling effective decision-making and the development of competitive advantages;
  • improvements to your corporate governance system;
  • unification of business processes, leading to higher standards of  sevice for your clients and customers and reduced costs;
  • tools to enable speedy decision-making
  • flexibility and scalability of your business and its key processes

We aim to provide you with

  • development of a Target Operating Model (ТОМтм)
  • business processes reengineering;
  • post-merger integration
  • enhancement of management structures
  • performance management.systems

Our operational efficiency services include: