Supply Chain Management


Supply Chain Management

Supply chain issues can be a constant source of frustration, but a project for every problem isn’t the answer. Supply chain systems are too complex for a scattershot approach to achieve consistent, sustainable results. Begin instead with a comprehensive strategy – one that aligns effort across the organization and leads to end-to-end solutions.

Your supply chain is your company’s lifeline. Supply chain costs dominate the income statement, and related assets pepper the balance sheet. So even one faulty link in the chain can result in crisis, preventing you from meeting customer needs or achieving your growth targets. 

It seems simple: get your product where it needs to be, on time and on budget. But the solution sets, specialized tools and IT resources required to make this happen – software, systems and networks, risk management, outsourcing and more – continue to grow in number and complexity. The effectiveness of the supply chain touches every aspect of your business. It takes big-picture thinking and an endto-end organizational strategy to make it work – and make it hold.

Forge a supply chain that can take the pressure
  • increase in forecast accuracy and planning of product flows;
  • reduction of total costs for procurement of acquired goods and services;
  • increase of raw materials and ready products turnover;
  • acceleration of manufacturing cycle through the reduction of shutdowns and the elimination of operations that do not add value;
  • optimization of capital investment in construction / procurement of new or expansion of existing logistics assets (warehouses, port terminals, stores);
  • increase in sales as a result of improvement in cost structure and delivery quality.

Results of our projects allow us to achieve the following advantages

  • supply chain diagnostics & benchmarking;
  • development of supply chain management strategy;
  • supply chain planning optimization;
  • increase in supply chain operational efficiency (business processes, organizational structure, KPI, informational systems, human resources);
  • optimization of procurement and management of relationships with suppliers;
  • logistics pricing and tariffs planning;
  • logistics centers simulation modeling: warehouses, port terminal;
  • sales and distribution optimization.

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