Supply Chain Management


Управління ланцюжками постачань

Проблеми, що виникають у сфері управління ланцюжками постачань, можуть стати постійним джерелом труднощів. Впровадження комплексної стратегії допоможе узгодити зусилля в межах усієї організації та розробити комплексні рішення.

  • extensive project experience for the largest Russian and international companies;
  • access to knowledge and resources of competence centers across the globe;
  • understanding of target operating models reflecting the nature of planning, procurement, logistics, manufacturing and distribution;
  • expertize in the implementation and automation of supply chain processes;
  • skills in the simulation of warehouses, distribution centers, stores;
  • experience in the assessment of optimal logistics tariffs based on a model covering over 160 of the largest cities in Russia;
  • experience in delivery networks modeling using special software.

Strengths of the Deloitte CIS team

  • increase in forecast accuracy and planning of product flows;
  • reduction of total costs for procurement of acquired goods and services;
  • increase of raw materials and ready products turnover;
  • acceleration of manufacturing cycle through the reduction of shutdowns and the elimination of operations that do not add value;
  • optimization of capital investment in construction / procurement of new or expansion of existing logistics assets (warehouses, port terminals, stores);
  • increase in sales as a result of improvement in cost structure and delivery quality.

Results of our projects allow us to achieve the following advantages

  • supply chain diagnostics & benchmarking;
  • development of supply chain management strategy;
  • supply chain planning optimization;
  • increase in supply chain operational efficiency (business processes, organizational structure, KPI, informational systems, human resources);
  • optimization of procurement and management of relationships with suppliers;
  • logistics pricing and tariffs planning;
  • logistics centers simulation modeling: warehouses, port terminal;
  • sales and distribution optimization.

Our supply chain management services

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