Deloitte Ukraine Export Hub


Ukrainian exporters together with Deloitte Export Hub to participate in Anuga Food Fair 2017 in Germany


Deloitte Export Hub Team invites ambitious Ukrainian exporters to join in an unforgettable expedition, Anuga 2017, to Cologne (Germany) in October.

Anuga Food Fair is one of the largest international food and beverages events and takes place in Germany in October.

Expedition Programme

There are three stages of our intense programme:

1.   Trade Show Masterclass at Good Wine

The market-leading example of fine food retail in Ukraine

12 September, Kyiv, Ukraine

What awaits us:

  • Selecting the appropriate exhibitions
  • Strategies for exhbitions
  • Learning how to present your company and team less than 10 min
  • Practical examples on Good Wine’s shelves
  • Understanding how best to network before, during and after the event

2. Anuga Food Fair 2017

The world’s biggest Food Exhibition

9 October, Cologne, Germany

What awaits us:

  • Onsite guided training
  • Over thousand potential new buyers for your products
  • Practical how-to and how-not- to examples
  • Understanding of how it works, costs and how to win

3. One–on–One meetings with Buyers

Introductory meetings and short promo experience with real Buyers

10 October, Cologne, Germany

What awaits us:

  • 15-minute meetings organized in advance by our Team with category Buyers relevant to your products
  • Contacts to follow up



Trade Show Masterclass at Good Wine: $250 per person

Anuga Food Show Training: $250 per person

One-on-One Meetings: $500 per meeting

*Grants up to 100% of registration fee will be provided to selected participants.


How to join?

Please apply using this link

Deadline to apply is Sep, 1

Project Coordinator: Anna Petriv

Deloitte Ukraine Export Hub

What we have done:

  • 2 Trade Fair events were arranged with major EU retailers;
  • 4 Master Classes ‘Export Hackathon’ were provided to 24 companies;
  • 41 Companies in Ukraine are working with us;
  • 42 Buyers from major EU retail chains have met with our Clients.

More about our guides:

Zeina Chapman ‒ Head of Retail Strategy

Senior Buyer, Marks & Spencer Food, UK

Anna Makievska ‒ Head of Retail Merchandising and Exhibition

Chief Buyer, Good Wine

Pavel Plastovets ‒ Chief Innovation Officer

Gregory Fishman ‒ Trade and Competitiveness Senior Advisor