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Deloitte Export Hub gathers momentum


Deloitte continues to actively support Ukrainian exporters in gaining favor of European retail markets: еxporters and REWE Group buyers met in Vienna in early July

Another meeting of Ukrainian exporters with Austrian buyers took place. The event was hosted by the headquarters of REWE Group, one of the leaders on Austrian retail market, which includes six networks – Merkur, Penny, Adeg, AGM, Віра, and Billa. Deloitte brought 7 Ukrainian suppliers, who were pre-screened and requested by Rewe, including categories of sweets and breakfast cereals, fruit and berry, and household products. 

We are grateful to Rewe for the “red carpet treatment” on their headquarters premises, where over 30 category managers from throughout their network were in attendance, along with a member of their Global Board of Directors, their Austrian Head of Produce, and the CEO from Billa Ukraine.  

During the meeting, REWE Group presented its key sales figures, marketing policy, and a new format of Billa supermarkets in Vienna. Ukrainian exporters presented their products to the category managers, buyers, and directors of REWE Group. Exporters had a unique opportunity to get the understanding of Billa mission and strategy considering their product categories and had a chance to present the advantages of their products in extensive one-on-one meetings with real buyers who were well prepared for the meetings.

The parties now continue their cooperation in all presented products. For instance, those that require harvest purchases next year. With Deloitte support, Ukrainian products now have all chances to press European producers on Rewe Group supermarkets’ shelves. Technical specialists and buyers of REWE Group have a future plan to visit Ukraine.  

“From our perspective, the event was a great success, and many meaningful discussions between producers and buyers took place. The coming weeks will require lots of work from our producers and I hope that in the not-too-distant future, we may see Ukrainian products on the shelves in European REWE Group stores”, - says Zeina Chapman, Head of Retail Strategy within Deloitte Export Hub project.

The Deloitte Export Hub project was launched in 2016 from a visit of 11 Ukrainian exporters to the three largest Austrian retailers – Metro, Spar, and Billa. The current event was a direct result of the first visit, advancing that relationship. The Project is actively supported by Embassy of Ukraine in Austria, Western NIS Enterprise Fund, and Willard Group.

Export Hub focuses on export of food and household products to European markets through retail networks and distributors. Export Hub is about search and connection of exporters and potential buyers; it offers a unique learning method – hackathon, which helps an exporter to determine “own” product for a certain market and customer.

In addition, export hackathon thoroughly prepares our suppliers for dialogue with a buyer, in particular – range analysis, strategy, technical barriers, supply chain, presentation of the company and product. Together with exporters, it helps to define priorities in the process of preparing for new sales markets (changes needed in market access strategy, exporter’s team, product, and internal processes).

Within Export Hub project, Deloitte gives all necessary support for successful and long-term relationship between exporters and buyers, it “develops” an exporter in reaching new levels and markets.

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