Cooperation between Ukraine and Poland

Dzień dobry, koledzy!

On 14 June 2024, Deloitte Ukraine and Deloitte Poland held a webinar on “Doing Business in Ukraine: Tax and Legal Matters”. The event was organized for Polish companies exploring the possibility of expanding their business in Ukraine, and regional headquarters in Poland with the scope of responsibilities covering tax and legal matters in Ukraine.

Our webinar was delivered by experienced speakers from various tax and legal practices. Among the speakers were Dmytro Pavlenko, Oleksandr Yampolskyi, Vasyl Drobot, Viktoriia Sydorenko, Natalya Rudenko, Andrii Zhuravel, Roman Makarchuk.

During the event, the following topics were discussed:

  • The current state of the Ukrainian economy
  • Transfer pricing during the war and deemed dividends
  • Foreign currency transfers
  • Authorized economic operator (AEO)
  • Standard audit file – Tax (SAF-T)
  • Electronic document management (EDM)

We support investors in doing business in Ukraine and are ready to help you implement your projects. Together we can unlock the full potential of the Polish-Ukrainian partnership.

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