As every company develops, it faces the need to define or review its strategy. Our extensive global experience providing strategy consulting services, and our extensive industrial expertise, enable us to use our unique knowledge and methodologies to meet your needs not only in the strategy development stage but also in its practical implementation.

Combination of our understanding of Ukrainian market and our international experience allow us to achieve real results. Close collaboration with industrial and functional practices in Deloitte offices in other countries allows us to engage experts from around the world in our projects to gain access to international datasets.

Our strategy consulting services include:

  • corporate strategy development
  • regional strategy development
  • long-term planning
  • asset portfolio management
  • functional strategy development
  • market research
  • strategic benchmarking
  • site selection
  • development of market entry (Go-to-Market) strategy
  • channel strategy development
  • business plans development
  • strategic financial modelling
  • corporate restructuring (assets spin-off /-in / functional and regional structuring).


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