Electronic document management

Prompt implementation solutions from Deloitte Ukraine

Deloitte Ukraine’s team of experts developed prompt batch solutions that will enable you to quickly connect to the EDM system, arrange for remote work of your employees, and protect them from threats.

External threats and restrictions (COVID-19 and the quarantine) may complicate the signing of documents and bring about delays in payments or potential breaches of contractual terms.

Despite the officially declared coronavirus pandemic, employees have to go to the office under the necessity of printing out, signing, and delivering paper documents. In this situation, more care can be given to the employees by promptly and properly implementing an electronic document management system, while also mitigating the risks of slowing down the company's critical processes.

Prompt solutions to implement


  • Assistance in obtaining an electronic key remotely
  • Assistance with installing an EDM module
  • Basic training for EDM users
  • Legal advice on the transition to EDM (shortlist of documents that may be generated electronically and recommendations on handling legal formalities of the transition)
  • Recommendations on further setting-up the EDM system


  • Analysis of the client's processes
  • Mapping of AS-IS and TO-BE processes
  • Assistance in selecting software and during the security check
  • Recommendations on the types of electronic keys
  • Legal advice on the transition to EDM (shortlist of documents that may be generated electronically and recommendations on handling legal formalities of the transition)
  • Coordination of actions required for signing an agreement with software provider
  • Assistance with software installation
  • Preparation of technology maps and terms of reference
  • EDM processes customization
  • Development of procedures and policies
  • Development of documentation on the transition to EDM (the administrative order, regulations on the corporate documents maintenance and storage procedures, changes to agreements, etc.)
  • Consultations on current legal issues related to the use of EDM
  • System go live


Full package with extended functionality:

  • Analysis of documents and preparation of recommendations on optimization of paper-based processes
  • Legal review of electronic documents
  • Assistance in obtaining electronic keys for employees
  • Assistance in concluding an agreement with the key provider
  • Basic testing of the electronic exchange (one counterparty and one employee)
  • Development and implementation of solutions for integration with accounting and other systems
  • Consultations on tax audits using EDM

If you have any questions or need advice, please contact our joint team of tax and legal experts who will gladly provide answers to all your questions.

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Dmytro Pavlenko

Dmytro Pavlenko

Partner, Attorney-at-Law, Head of Tax & Legal

Dmytro Pavlenko is a Partner and the Head of Tax & Legal Department in Deloitte Ukraine. He is leading Legal and Business Processes and Solutions (BPS) practices. He has PhD in Law and is Attorney-at-... More

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Olha Bondarenko

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Roman Makarchuk

Roman Makarchuk

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