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Whether you’re sprinting toward a single cloud application or going the distance with a major cloud-enabled business transformation, the global alliance between Deloitte and Oracle can make all the difference in whether you arrive efficiently and safely. From business strategy to technology, our team understands what it takes to modernize your organization and drive greater business value.

Like Oracle cloud solutions, Deloitte’s delivery capabilities transcend geographic and organizational boundaries. In February 2016, Deloitte became Oracle’s first Global Cloud Elite partner and with access to more than 20,100 Oracle practitioners across Deloitte member firms, few can manage complex international projects as effectively as we do.

Sprinting toward a cloud application or going the distance with a major business transformation?

Taking your organization somewhere it’s never been before? Getting there will take a team that just gets it. As Oracle’s first Global Cloud Elite partner, Deloitte provides access to more than 20,100 professionals globally who possess deep knowledge across Oracle applications and technology to help implement solutions that can help your company drive revenue growth and improve operating margins. Get there faster. Get there with experience. Get there with confidence. Get There with Deloitte + Oracle.

Innovating in the digital era: Tech Trends 2016

Technology leaders are in a rare position to imagine a future, and then harness innovation to build it responsibly from the realities of today.

Tech Trends 2016

Meet our leaders

Vladimir Vakht

Vladimir Vakht

Partner, Head of Consulting

Vladimir Vakht is a Partner of Consulting Department in Deloitte Ukraine. He is a Member of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (FCCA). Vladimir gained extensive professional experience... More

Andriy Krasnyy

Andriy Krasnyy

Senior Managеr, Consulting

Andrii has over 15 years of experience holding various positions in the sphere of information technology management at Deloitte as well as major multinational companies. During his work at Deloitte, A... More