Integrated service offerings


Послуги з надання інтегрованих рішень

Послуги з надання інтегрованих рішень ґрунтуються на комплексному підході до реалізації завдань щодо підвищення ефективності діяльності компанії, що охоплюють бізнес-процеси та системи, сфери відповідальності й повноважень, корпоративну культуру та організаційну структуру, а також ваші інформаційні системи.

We can provide you with all of the support you need to implement integrated solutions, covering the following key business areas:

  • enterprise cost reduction
  • capital project management
  • maintenance process enhancement
  • optimisation of back office functions

Additionally, our team has significant experience in the implementation of specialised industry solutions, particularly with companies operating in the following areas:

  • oil and gas production and processing
  • finance
  • sport
  • environmental management

Most enterprises encounter a range of problems, including insufficient flexibility of corporate procedures in the parent company for the implementation of large investment projects by subsidiaries; technical difficulty of projects due to lack of infrastructure, geographic distance, harsh climate; poor quality project management and project management tools; absence of risk management systems and a lack of qualified specialists.

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The efficiency of maintenance and repair management is a key issue for the majority of industrial enterprises.

In many cases, historically established maintenance and repair management systems, were designed for the guaranteed manufacture of centrally planned volumes with no regard to the costs involved ,and these are clearly unusable in a market economy.

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Since the crisis many Russian companies have seen growth in overheads particularly in supporting functions; finance, HR, legal and IT.

Organisational transformations, involving the reduction in expenses in supporting functions are often the toughest to implement.Initiatives to optimise expenses in supporting functions will only be viable and have a long-term effect if they are attached to strategic objectives and are implemented based on a well prepared plan.

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Deloitte is a global leader in oil and gas consulting, and our team is a global centre of excellence.  We work with most Russian and Kazakh companies in the sector, as well as with the largest energy corporations from the Middle East, Europe and Latin America. Our experience covers all key areas of the oil and gas industry and includes exploration, development, extraction, transportation, refinery and sale of oil and gas, as well as oilfield services.

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Our specialised practice provides consulting services for companies in the banking and financial services sector has significant experience of working with the most prominent Russian and international businesses.

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Over the last 15 years, Deloitte has created a strong international team of consultants and experts providing services to sports companies and the organising committees of the FIFA championships, the NHL, the Olympic Games, Formula1 and other large sports events.

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Deloitte has extensive experience working with governments and commercial organisations both in countries that have been tackling environmental problems for some time, such as the US, Canada, Japan, Netherlands, and countries new to this area. Deloitte's fundamental advantage is the ability to engage project experts from a range of countries who have specialist knowledge and experience of the best global environment management practice.

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