Optimisation of back office functions


Optimisation of back office functions

Since the crisis many Russian companies have seen growth in overheads particularly in supporting functions; finance, HR, legal and IT.

Organisational transformations, involving the reduction in expenses in supporting functions are often the toughest to implement.Initiatives to optimise expenses in supporting functions will only be viable and have a long-term effect if they are attached to strategic objectives and are implemented based on a well prepared plan.

We use an in house methodology, which includes three consecutive stages:

  • Detailed analysis of organisation of back office functions (including analysis of business processes, automation level, organisational structure, labour costs and key labour cost factors, distribution of areas of responsibility etc.).
  • Detailed development of operational and strategic initiatives for optimisation, as well as "quick wins" to reduce costs; assessment of the affects of implementation.
  • Development of implementation plan and direct implementation.

3 consecutive stages