Posted: 21 Aug. 2023 6 min. read

The journey of a lifetime

Impacting and shaping careers at Deloitte

Embarking on my career journey at Deloitte USI as a fresh-out-of-campus analyst, I had little idea of the profound journey I was about to undertake. The mix of people, the culture of continuous learning, and the deeply ingrained sense of purpose this organization embodied soon steered my professional path toward growing into a leader.

Deloitte's purpose, "Making an impact that matters by creating trust and confidence in a more equitable society," isn't merely a catchy tagline; it remains a guiding principle in interactions, projects, and decisions made within the organization. As a newcomer to the corporate world, I can say in hindsight today, that the quality of mentorship I received at Deloitte was nothing short of exemplary where seasoned professionals guided me, nurtured my potential, and challenged me to expand my horizons. It is through these experiences that I understood the true meaning and criticality of mentorship.

One of the significant turning points in my journey was being selected for the Talent Accelerated Leadership Program. A crucible experience, the program offered a dynamic platform to work and learn from many talented individuals with varied years of experience and who had worked across geographies. This program pushed me to refine my leadership skills, broaden my perspective, and foster an appreciation for diversity equity, and inclusion (DEI).

The opportunity to travel to Deloitte University in Westlake, Dallas, US, along with other Deloitte offices across the globe, as part of the program presented me with a chance to observe and imbibe the vibrant, multicultural tapestry that makes Deloitte a leading global professional services organization. Each location, each team I interacted with had a distinct approach to tackling challenges while sharing a common purpose, reflecting on our remarkable balance of unity in diversity.

The organization's commitment to learning and development is inspiring. Not only was I encouraged to take on increasingly challenging roles, but I also found myself immersed in an environment that values continuous learning. There continue to be abundant resources at my disposal, from formal training and webinars to invaluable informal learning sessions with colleagues and mentors.

Overall, what stood out for me and continues to resonate with me the most is our people-centric culture. An important aspect of this is embedded in Deloitte’s ethos—the understanding that every individual brings a unique perspective and a set of skills to the table. This is evident in the emphasis on collaboration and knowledge sharing which helps foster an environment of mutual respect and growth.

My professional journey, from a wide-eyed analyst to leading various teams, wasn't just about climbing the corporate ladder; it was a transformative experience that shaped me as a professional and as an individual. The journey so far has been an incredibly rewarding experience and as I reflect on it, I can say that Deloitte's purpose harmonized with my personal purpose, shaping my journey to be more than just a career progression; it was, and continues to be, a voyage of learning, growing, and contributing to the larger good.

I am proud to say that at Deloitte, I found more than just a job; I discovered a fulfilling career, a purpose, and an organization that strives to make an impact that truly matters. Here's to the next chapter of this remarkable journey.

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Mallet Easow

Mallet Easow

Senior manager | Talent, Deloitte US-India Offices

Mallet is the talent business advisor lead for USI supporting Deloitte Technology US & Global, Enabling Areas. In his current role, he provides strategic and consultative advice to business leaders on talent matters. Mallet specializes in talent strategy, change management, setting up new teams in USI, shared services transformations, leadership and career coaching, talent management and succession planning. Mallet is a facilitator for various organization-wide programs at Deloitte US-India Offices (USI). Since joining us from campus as an analyst in 2007, Mallet has served as a talent business advisor for multiple teams. According to Mallet, the return-on-investment (ROI) in talent refers to how we impact an impact for our professionals. Mallet is married to Geethu and has two lovely boys, Ethan and Ean. Mallet loves photography, drawing caricatures and storytelling.