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Our people have unique work-life needs and aspirations. One-size does not fit all; each person has their own version of “what works.” We take a comprehensive approach to work-life fit to better meet the needs of our people.

    Recognizing each one of us has unique work-life needs that can change over time, we offer a variety of programs and options to provide flexibility around how, where and when work gets done, as well as encouraging our people to maintain healthy lifestyles. Some examples include virtual work practices, internal mobility, global work assignments, sabbaticals, generous paid time-off, family leave, and wellness programs.


    An open, inclusive, and flexible culture where our practitioners take ownership and control of their lives and careers is all a part of Deloitte being a place where leaders thrive.

    Flexible Work Options (FWO)

    FWO provides short-term alternatives that enable professionals to balance their personal and professional commitments by providing qualified professionals with the opportunity for alternative work hours and/or locations. Eligible professionals may request the flexi-time option for change in shift timings or for working staggered hours.

    Managed career paths

    We offer our eligible professionals the flexibility to dial-down on workload by working for fewer hours to balance their personal and professional circumstances.

    Transport reimbursement for expectant women

    Expectant women professionals get reimbursed for travel to/from office locations, for the duration of their pregnancy, up to the date of delivery.

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