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Audit careers

Individuals with the passion to excel and an uncompromising commitment to their clients

Critical thinkers. Intelligent. Ambitious. Caring leaders. Individuals with a passion to excel and to enhance the trust of the investing public and capital markets. These are the characteristics we seek in professionals at Deloitte & Touche LLP.


Looking for an objective, outside-in view—one that can help open the door to smarter decision making? That’s the opportunity created by an audit. And it’s where a Deloitte audit—independent, innovative, and known for quality—can make a difference.

Our vision for Audit at Deloitte is both inspiring and ambitious. We intend to lead our profession and promote trust in the investing public and capital markets. That begins, certainly, by delivering quality audits across a broad spectrum of companies and industries. It requires that we serve clients who share our commitment to integrity. That we engage with the regulators, academics, investor groups, and audit committees. That we invest in technology, innovation, and continuous improvement. Perhaps more than anything though, it requires us to find, attract, develop, and grow highly talented people; professionals with an unwavering commitment to ethics, a desire for accountability, and a bottomless appetite for achievement. That’s how we’ll lead the profession. Will you join us?

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Roles and responsibilities of an auditor

The role of an Audit professional:

  • Promote trust in capital markets by demonstrating ethical behavior
  • Serve as catalysts for innovation by identifying and exploring emerging issues
  • Utilize both technical and analytical skills on day-to-day client assignments
  • Interact regularly with business leaders starting early in your career
  • Continue to grow by taking advantage of mentorship and development opportunities
  • Gain exposure to a variety of industries and business models to increase your understanding of how organizations operate

As an Audit professional you will:

  • Audit financial statements
  • Review quarterly financial information
  • Perform analytical review of audit documents
  • Identify accounting and auditing issues; perform research to address the issues
  • Apply concepts of risk assessment
  • Design and perform tests of internal controls
  • Provide recommendations for improved controls and enhanced business efficiency

What we look for in a candidate

We look for people who are process-oriented, solid team players, analytical thinkers, and confident leaders with strong ethics.

Career progression

Deloitte supports your progression through a well-defined career path by providing challenging assignments, mentoring, and targeted training.

Staff Assistant

Develop understanding of our auditing methodology and tools. Perform reviews of audit documents, identify accounting and auditing issues and perform research to solve those issues. Apply concepts of risk assessment, and perform tests of internal controls.


Supervise field engagements. Assist in designing the approach to audit engagements, supervise staff, perform audit procedures of complex areas of clients’ financial statements, and interact with clients to discuss field audit issues.

Audit Manager and Senior Manager

Lead the day-to-day operations of multiple engagements and are involved with regulatory and accounting issues that arise during the audit engagement. Responsible for the supervision of staff and management of services to clients. Have deep technical experience and are expected to develop in-depth knowledge in a given industry/service line.

Partner or Director

Oversee the quality of services and engagement economics. Have a keen understanding of their client’s industry and business and develop deep relationships at the C-Suite and Board level. Lead, coach, and develop professionals within the practice.

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