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Get an in-depth look at how companies operate, leverage leading-edge technologies, and make an impact in Audit & Assurance.

Looking for an objective, outside-in view—one that can help open the door to smarter decision making? That’s the opportunity created by an audit. And it’s where a Deloitte audit—independent, innovative, and known for quality—can make a difference.

What we do

Enhancing trust is at the core of Deloitte Audit & Assurance. With technology disrupting the way audit has traditionally functioned, there are now increased opportunities for professionals to add value and insights through closer interactions with leaders.

Our vision for Audit at Deloitte is both inspiring and ambitious. We intend to lead our profession and promote trust in the investing public and capital markets. That begins, certainly, by delivering quality audits across a broad spectrum of companies and industries. It requires that we serve clients who share our commitment to integrity. That we engage with the regulators, academics, investor groups, and audit committees. That we invest in technology, innovation, and continuous improvement. Perhaps more than anything though, it requires us to find, attract, develop, and grow highly talented people; professionals with an unwavering commitment to ethics, a desire for accountability, and a bottomless appetite for achievement. That’s how we’ll lead the profession. Here are a few ways you can make your impact through Audit & Assurance at Deloitte.

  • Know it all: There is perhaps no better way to learn how companies operate than through audit and assurance work. We look deeply and objectively at the inner workings of companies—finance, supply chain, inventory, real estate, assets, technology, and more. We test the design and effectiveness of internal controls. We report to audit committees. In Audit & Assurance, you’ll see firsthand how forces within and outside a company can shape its profitability and performance.
  • Transform the profession: Audit & assurance has long been driven by information. As computing power has advanced, Deloitte has developed new tools that can analyze more data more quickly. And that’s expanded audit’s role. Today, we have the capabilities to analyze outliers and data points like never before. We’re unlocking insights that can provide value to our clients. And we’re making audits less arduous and more rewarding for clients and auditors alike. 
  • High-level conversations: When we sit down with a client today, we’re able to shine a bright light on its enterprise. Our outside-in perspective can help reveal anomalies across vast data sets that can inform business decisions. The result is a business-focused discussion that transforms the obligation of audit into an opportunity for clients to gain understanding.
  • Variety of work: Deloitte audits Fortune 1000 companies, large private companies, private equity investment portfolios, and emerging growth and venture capital-backed companies, among many others. And there’s the opportunity for considerable crossover, which provides our people the ability to work through complex regulatory and business issues for a multinational public company on one audit, then sit with the board of directors of a private company to share insights gleaned from our audit for them to consider, and also help a super-heated tech company prep for its initial public offering (IPO). 
  • Matter on a big stage: At Deloitte, audit and assurance work is conducted at the apex of the profession. Quality and ethics are our hallmark. And because we audit large influential companies, family-owned midmarket companies, and fast-growing companies bound for greatness, our impact is felt throughout the capital markets, Main Street economy, and society at large. 

How we do it differently

We help companies become more competitive, transparent, innovative, and high performing. We are investing heavily on technologies that unravel the potential of the massive volume of data available today. That adds up to insights that can help improve company performance. See how that’s changing audit.

Our impact as a place to work

What we do for our clients, we strive to do for our own people: make an impact that matters. We are regularly recognized as a top employer across a range of categories, including inclusion, well-being, innovation, leadership, and places to start your career. To learn more, check out our latest accolades.

Career opportunities

Opportunities for students

It’s your career, your life, and your choice. Deloitte can give you the opportunity to work with some of the best and explore what works for you through a variety of experiences. Our summer internships commonly last eight to 10 weeks.  Beyond internships, our training opportunities, conferences and entrepreneurial culture can help spawn the analytical, communication, and leadership skills that could help you achieve your full potential. Start here, even before you graduate, and explore how far you can go. 

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Opportunities for experienced professionals

Innovation is rapidly changing how we provide audit & assurance services. We’re using robotic process automation, machine learning, proprietary algorithms, and more to perform smarter audits and provide insights from data. We can analyze entire populations of data, which enhances audit quality and can help our professionals to focus on areas of audit interest 

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