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Our campus connect programs provide opportunities to students to know more about our culture and business and meet and learn from our business leaders. Through these programs, we also create opportunities for you to leverage your unique strengths and make an impact that matters.

Internships at Deloitte

The Internship program at Deloitte is designed to expose interns to different businesses at Deloitte. By participating in the program, the interns will experience what it’s like to work in professional services as they take on roles to work on real business projects. With various opportunities to learn, network, and be mentored by professionals and leaders, the interns will gain real-world experience. Through the internship, interns can develop an understanding first-hand, of what a career with Deloitte can shape up to be as they let the internship become a part of their career success journey.

Graduate School Maverick

The Graduate School Maverick is a 3-stage contest, with each round as qualifier. The overall objective of the contest is for teams of eligible participants to compete and win various rounds and challenges in the spirit of the contest. Graduate School Maverick is conducted across campuses through a series of tests and challenges leading up to the finale. The one-day finale enables students to create an impact by designing innovative solutions to some complex business problems of today and the future.

The program inspires students to imagine, innovate, and showcase their skills on a common platform. The competition also provides a platform to the students to display their knowledge, presentation skills, and critical thinking ability.

Be the One—recognizing the voice of the future talent

‘Be the One’, introduced as a campus engagement program, is designed for students across school types to participate and share their unique stories of impact. The aim of this program is to recognize the students whose purpose-driven work and effort have led to a significant impact in their communities. The program's first edition focused on highlighting the impact students have created under one of Deloitte’s key pillars of diversity, equity, and inclusion. The second edition, Social Impact-a-thon, centered on the theme of corporate social responsibility. With the latest edition, we witnessed the resilience, grit, and passion that this pool of future talent brought forward to fuel impactful changes in the community.

BRIDGE Campus Learning series—demystifying emerging technologies with real-world business solutions

BRIDGE, designed for engineering school students, is a step toward enabling the future talent to stay aligned with the current and emerging technology. Students, graduates and eager learners, get a first-hand opportunity to hear from the leaders while understanding the concepts and working of technology through do-it-yourself (DIY) demonstrations by subject matter specialists at Deloitte. The series is hosted as a session once a month where the sessions are designed to give students a glimpse of real-life solutions and ground-breaking technologies built and enabled by Deloitte teams. True to its name, the program aims to bridge the gap between students and the work and workplace of the future. This learning series gives participants a unique access to Deloitte’s technology specialists and the teams that are actively reshaping the world as we know it via new and emerging technologies.

In conversation with—brewing conversation with industry leaders and students

In Conversation With launched as a series to provide a platform for students to engage with and hear from Deloitte industry leaders who are also published authors. Through the power of conversation, especially in virtual and hybrid times, this series encapsulated an ongoing interaction for the student community to help them gauge developments in the industry, provide an opportunity to interact with Deloitte’s thought leaders and complement the students’ efforts to be future ready in their career. These one-hour conversations are an opportunity for a two-way dialogue between leaders and talent to discuss varying topics—these ranged from technology creating new dimensions for organizations and how to navigate through pandemic-led disruptions, to strengthening relationships and human experiences at work for maximizing well-being and boosting productivity.

Techno Utsav

Deloitte’s TechnoUtsav is structured to provide technology students the opportunity to gain deeper insights into the workings of the industry and provide exposure to the gamut of technologies at Deloitte.

It’s a unique platform for engineering students to hone their skills, interact and compete with like-minded individuals, while gaining meaningful insights. With ‘digital disruption’ forming the core of the event, the program offered a platform for students to interact, involve in activities, and present their perspectives to a panel.

During the event the students gain insight into how Deloitte utilizes cutting-edge technological tools for optimum client satisfaction and deliver top-notch quality service. The event is facilitated by Deloitte experts in the field. At the end of the event, the participants are be exposed to some of the world-class processes and technologies that enable Deloitte to provide transparency, efficiency, and productivity on a daily basis.

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