Government & Public Sector

Government & Public Sector

Deloitte is the trusted choice. From supporting the transition to net zero farming in Ireland, to designing a people-centred social security system for Scotland, we’re the go-to partner for government and public services. Why?

Because our ability to connect delivers impact.

Connecting services and sectors

We have the broadest range of leading professional services under one roof. This matters, because we bring a co-ordinated, cross-discipline response to every brief. We don’t just advise on the right solution, we also create, implement and operate it. We are digital specialists, harnessing a treasure trove of lessons learned from our public sector clients around the world, and our pioneering collaborations with businesses and charities.

Connecting people

Our people are our strength. They come from all walks of life, and are diverse thinkers. We’re passionate about public services, and relentless when presented with a challenge. As natural collaborators, we convene, listen intently, bring fresh thinking to problems, and give our clients the support they need to push boundaries, and be boldly ambitious. We also support you on your journey, by offering a wide range of executive boardroom programmes, designed to develop and grow current and future public sector leaders.

Connecting to true value

Creating lasting impact matters to us. We want to partner with you, because our belief in creating better futures for everyone is at the heart of who we are, and how we do business.

Impact that matters for the public sector

Our experts deliver results that matter, from navigating regulatory environments to modernising operations. Recent work includes improving patient outcomes for healthcare agencies, advising on responsible investment practices, and modernising transportation authorities. We have the power to create positive change.

The State of the State

This year’s report finds the public sector grappling with an accumulation of successive crises, reduced spending power, increases in demand, and labour challenges.

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Major Programmes

We help our clients deliver programmes that bring about some of the most vital transformations of our time.

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International Development

A deliberate approach to digital transformation and digital behaviour change can turn uncertainty into an opportunity to drive foreign affairs and international development organisations forward.

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Government & Public Services UK, Lead Partner

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