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The Green Room by Deloitte tackles a tricky question about the world around us every two weeks. From automation anxiety to zero waste, we call on clever experts and great research from across the firm and beyond to find the answer. At around thirty minutes each, they're just the right length for that morning commute too. Go ahead, untangle those headphones and join us.

Episode #12: Should we be teaching kids to code?
In a modern world dominated by software, has coding become the most important language of all? Or are we focusing on tech skills at the expense of all others… How do we ensure the next generation is properly equipped to enter the future workforce, and make sure they’re not left behind?

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Episode #11: Are our cities ready for the future?
Over two thirds of the global population will call a city home by 2050. This growth brings with it some major challenges, and some big opportunities. From transport to housing, technology to the environment, there’s a lot to think about. So what does this mean for us?

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Episode #10: What’s stopping us from making the most of international markets?
In a global world, the most successful companies need to be open to considering opportunities in other markets. But where do they start? Are UK businesses really making the most of opportunities abroad? What’s holding us back?

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Episode #9: Can creativity change the world?
Creativity matters. Without it, we wouldn’t have science or medicine. We’d have no solutions, no innovation. Our economy needs new ideas to survive. But we don’t have enough of them. Why?

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Episode #8: Does the high street have a future?
Once a bustling hub of activity, the high street as we know it is under threat. But is this really the end? Or the beginning? Will technology shape our future high streets in ways we can’t imagine? What does this all mean for retailers? And what about us? Has the way we shop changed for good?

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Episode #7: Does having a side hustle make you more productive at work?
Research estimates that one in four of us run at least one business on the side. So we ask why are so many of us starting a side hustle? Does it distract from our day jobs? Or keep us motivated? Should business be putting its foot down? Or actively encouraging employees to pursue projects on the side?

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Episode #6: Is it tough at the top?
David Sproul has led our firm through eight years of consecutive growth. And faced his fair share of challenges along the way. Was it all worth it? Would he do anything differently? And has he had a single day off in the last eight years? This week we ask: is it tough at the top?

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Episode #5: Will I ever feel good enough for my job?
Have you ever questioned whether you’re good enough? Afraid people will find out you’re not capable? Felt like a fraud? You’re not alone. Imposter Syndrome affects 70% of people at some point in their lives. This week we’re joined by two very special guests to tackle our latest big question: will I ever feel good enough for my job?

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Episode #4: Can one small change save the planet?
From reusable coffee cups to metal straws, we’re all familiar with the ‘war’ against single-use plastics. Eco-friendly options have become more mainstream, but how much difference can one small change really make? What else could we as individuals be doing to reduce our waste? And what’s the role of business in all of this? This week we ask: can one small change save the planet?

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Episode #3: What makes a great career?
Careers matter. Not just in terms of livelihoods, but how we define our identities.
What matters to you at work? From a good boss and great benefits, to being recognised and making an impact. This week we ask: what makes a great career?

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Episode #2: What can we learn from the underground economy?
Tired of the same old advice from the same old places? How about some innovation lesson from narcos, pirates and hackers? Being proficient at new technologies is key to the success of underground economies. For these innovators on the edges of society, innovation isn’t a choice, but a matter of survival. This week’s big question: what can we learn from the underground economy?

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Episode #1: What will be the last job on earth?
Would you trust a robot to lead an interview? Operate on you? Make your lunch? Technology is advancing at an unprecedented speed and many of us already work with robots every day. But what happens when the bots become more useful than us? Automation could take 30% of our jobs in the next 30 years. Some will disappear faster than others. This week we ask: what will be last job on earth?

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