Episode #35: How do we create work that’s good for our wellbeing?

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Hybrid working. It sounds like the shiny solution to what the future of work is going to look like. It’s all over the news. People are sharing their personal hacks on LinkedIn. But we wouldn’t blame you if you felt part excited, part wondering how it’s all going to work.

The past 18 months or so have been challenging. We don’t need to remind you of the days you commuted from the bedroom to the kitchen. But hey, we’ve learnt some valuable lessons about what we really want from work. And while we don’t have all the answers just yet, we know we want things to be a bit different than before.

Next stop: taking those positives to create workplaces, whether they’re virtual or physical, that work for all of us.

As with any change, it’s exciting to build something new. But it’s going to take some trial and error to get things right. Some days, we’re falling in love with commuting again while listening to our favourite podcast (cough). Other days, let’s be honest, balance is pretty hard to find.

Set office days. Home alone days. Walking meetings. In person meetings – finally! Half on Zoom, half in person meetings.

[Pause for effect. You’re doing great.]

So where do we go from here in a way that’s sustainable, inclusive and, most importantly, kind to ourselves and others?

We have so many questions. What’s working life like right now for people? What are the small things that are working well? What are others struggling with?

Looking forward, how do we make hybrid working work? Can we create work that’s actually good for our wellbeing? What are the big things employers need to think about? Could we really have the best of both worlds?

And above all, how can we make sure that taking care of ourselves and each other are at the heart of it all?

Tune in to find out...

  • How many days George used to spend on a train every year
  • What Jackie’s current work routine looks like
  • About the impact of what Jolawn calls the ‘silent pandemic’
  • Why wellbeing is about much more than just sitting cross-legged

Jackie Henry

Based in Belfast, Jackie is the UK Managing Partner for People and Purpose and the Deloitte Northern Ireland Office Senior Partner. She started her career with Deloitte in Belfast 31 years ago and for the past seven years has been lead Partner in Northern Ireland. This has included setting up the Belfast Delivery Centre, which included the creation of Deloitte’s BrightStart Degree and Graduate academy programmes.

Jackie also served as people and purpose lead for Deloitte’s UK consulting business for two years before taking on the role of people and purpose lead for the UK business. Her commitment to diversity, inclusion and social mobility has been a focus throughout her career, and in particular her efforts in building skills and providing access to education for people across Northern Ireland.

Jackie was awarded an MBE for services to the Northern Ireland economy. Additionally, she’s a Visiting Professor at Ulster University, where she shares her expertise on apprenticeships and the skills agenda and is an Honorary Fellow of Belfast Metropolitan College.

Jolawn Victor

Jolawn is the Chief International Officer at Headspace, based out of the company’s UK office where she leads operations including sales, marketing and partnerships around the world (excluding the US and Canada). Prior to Headspace she led Emerging Markets and Global Expansion for Intuit, where she was responsible for business in over 150 countries outside of the US.

Jolawn previously worked at PepsiCo, where she led the potato chip innovation business on the $3.5B Lay’s brand. Before that, Jolawn shoveled Cheerios and stirred Progresso soup for General Mills. She worked as a project engineer, managing small to medium capital projects driving innovation and productivity.

A native of Minneapolis, Jolawn attended Spelman College and Georgia Tech where she graduated from a dual-degree program with BS degrees in Physics and Electrical Engineering. Jolawn attended NYU Stern’s School of Business, where she graduated with an MBA with a Marketing concentration in 2009.

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