Episode #5: Will I ever feel good enough for my job?

The Green Room by Deloitte podcast

Have you ever questioned whether you’re good enough? Afraid people will find out you’re not capable? Felt like a fraud? You’re not alone. Imposter Syndrome affects 70% of people at some point in their lives.

So what does it feel like to have Imposter Syndrome? Why is it so prevalent in a high performance culture? Who’s most likely to have imposter feelings? And most importantly - what can we do about it?

In this episode, two very special guests open up about their own experiences of Imposter Syndrome - Sharon Thorne, Deloitte’s incoming Global Chair, and Poppy Jaman, CEO of the City Mental Health Alliance.

As always, they’re joined by our hosts, George Parrett and Lizzie Elston.

Listen in to find out:

  • What it was like for Sharon to be the first female on Deloitte’s Executive 
  • How Poppy dealt with her symptoms before her meeting at Number 10
  • Why even Michelle Obama has suffered from Imposter Syndrome
  • Why, in the end, our guests (and our hosts!) are all amazing.

The Green Room by Deloitte podcast

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