2021 Annual Report

Welcome to our UK Annual Report for 2021. It reflects a year of transformation for our clients, people and society, as well as our own firm. Read our stories to find out more about how we connect with the world around us to make an impact that matters.

On responding to events in a challenging year…

The crisis saw markets in turmoil and we had no frame of reference, and it created huge degrees of uncertainty. So we acted quickly and we took difficult but critical decisions, protecting the resilience of our firm. And at the same time we supported our clients to respond, helping them build financial resilience, protect their supply chains and adopt new technologies. And this also included our high profile role supporting the Government in the National Testing programme.

On our priorities for the decisive decade...

We see this as a decisive decade: not just the recovery from COVID-19 but technology adoption and the increasing criticality of climate change.

We’re continuing to prioritise three things over the next year.

Firstly our people, investing in their skills, supporting their wellbeing and offering them the best of hybrid working.

Second of all, supporting our clients transform their business and build resilience and that search for growth through M&A and technology adoption.

And finally, supporting society. Not just our local communities thought education and building skills, but also globally around the climate issue - this is the defining issue of our lifetime.

We have a responsibility as a business. Not just to set our own net zero targets but also to help our clients respond through responsible finance, decarbonisation strategies and carbon reporting.

On the future of work at our firm...

Our people have told us that they want choice and flexibility and we’re offering exactly that by fully adopting a hybrid working model that embraces the best of home and office environment to not only support our clients but also our people

On the role of tech...

We see a recovery fuelled by investments in technology, that drives improvements in productivity and agility, and creates a more inclusive and sustainable recovery. Technology plays a critical role in improving supply chains, operations and helping deal with raw material and labour shortages. But it also - through widespread adoption - has a real opportunity to reskill employees and deliver a societal benefit that bridges the skills gaps that are often the barrier to employment.


I’ve learned a lot. Not just about our business but also about myself. Four things really stand out.

The first is that agility and clarity and speed of decision making are really critical, even if they are difficult decisions.

Second of all, when you take those difficult decisions, communication on a frequent, open and transparent basis is essential.

Thirdly, collaboration is a must. Not just in terms of seeking input and advice from others, but also in how you support each other to support your mental health and wellbeing.

And finally it is quite clear to me that the responsibility of business is not just to our employees but to the wider society.

Foreword by Richard Houston, Senior Partner and CEO, Deloitte UK

“In a challenging year, our firm has grown stronger. This growth has its roots in responsible decisions, our purpose and values, and our ability to adapt at pace.

“We’ve supported our clients in key areas like digital transformation and M&A, helping them to emerge from the pandemic stronger than before and meeting their societal goals.

“We’ll continue to champion economic recovery, based on innovation and inclusion, that encompasses the whole of the UK.”

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A year of transformation

Our performance

Our ability to adapt at pace was a key factor in our strong financial performance over the last year.

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Our people & purpose

Our people share a common purpose to make an impact that matters. This year we've supported each other, our clients and the communities around us.

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Our clients & businesses

We’ve helped our clients navigate disruption to markets, supply chains and the economy and transform their businesses with new digital services.

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Building a firm for the future

An impact that matters

Our purpose, values and responsible actions have guided our every-day work with clients, people and society through a challenging year.

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A digital future

Our investments in digital technology services are helping businesses and society partners transform using tech and thrive in a world beyond COVID-19.

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An inclusive UK recovery

We’re championing new ideas that will shape the UK on key issues like digital inclusion, public sector reform and the race to net zero.

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Our stories

At the beginning of a decisive decade for everyone, our people are working alongside our clients and society partners to help change things for the better.

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