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Our Governance in focus series provides a deeper dive, guidance and views on key aspects of the latest developments.

On the board agenda – Half year update July 2018

As you break for the summer, this briefing is designed as an update for you to help establish the agenda for the rest of 2018. This review of hot topics for boards and committees for the remainder of the year covers both emerging themes as well as an update on new areas of regulatory focus.

There is much to get to grips with and a good number of the new requirements require planning ahead. To assist we have provided a summary checklist for your agenda.

On the board agenda - Half year update July 2018

On the audit committee agenda

On the audit committee agenda supplements our comprehensive November round-up with a summary of additional pertinent matters for audit committees to inform 2017/18 annual reports, including:

  • the FRC’s Financial Reporting Lab’s report on risk and viability reporting, in particular the FRC’s call to separate the discussion on long term prospects and viability, and the call for a much greater time horizon on prospects; 
  • the FRC’s Audit and Assurance Lab’s report on audit committee reporting in annual reports; and
  • the FRC’s Audit Quality Review team’s thematic review on materiality. 
Audit committee agenda - 2018

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Our Governance in brief series give you a summary of the latest corporate governance developments, incorporating details of the source, relevant dates and links to further information.

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