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Governance in the UK is developing at a rapid pace, driven by investors, politicians and regulators, at home and in the EU. The Deloitte Academy’s comprehensive range of governance briefings keeps directors up-to-date with the current developments and provides timely and insightful support.

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Governance in brief – publications in the series

Governance in brief is a summary of the latest corporate governance developments, incorporating, details of the source, relevant dates and links to further information.

Other publications in the series:

Auditor independence rules: new FRC consultation and a reminder for audit committees

Government consults on the CMA's proposals for statutory audit services

IIA consultation raises the bar on internal audit

Standards proposed for listed company board effectiveness reviews

Government focus on prompt payment practices

Tips for your 2018 annual report

Brexit and viability disclosures - a reminder

The Wates Corporate Governance Principles for large private companies

GC100 issues practical advice to directors on performance of their s172 duty

FRC issues advice on annual reports for 2018/19 reporting season

FRC issues new UK Corporate Governance Code

BEIS issues legislation to deliver key corporate governance reforms

The QCA updates its Corporate Governance Code as AIM tightens rules

FRC consults on a new-style UK Corporate Governance Code

FRC issues advice on annual reports for 2017/18 reporting season

The stakeholder voice in decision making – new guidance from ICSA and the Investment Association.

FRC encourages broader reporting of company purpose and impact in proposed revisions to the Guidance on the Strategic Report - September 2017

BEIS Select Committee inquiry report calls for reforms to the UK Corporate Governance Code and greater enforcement - April 2017

New duty to report on payment practices and performance - March 2017

Longer term viability statement – insights for year 2 - February 2017

Government issues Green Paper on corporate governance reform - December 2016

Changes to auditor independence rules - November 2016

FRC’s CRR report calls for more tax and stakeholder reporting as well as better business model, risk and judgement disclosures - November 2016

Cyber risk - how are boards responding? - August 2016

FRC reinforces importance of corporate culture - July 2016

Publication of your UK tax strategy - July 2016

The vote to leave - key considerations for half year reporting - June 2016

EU Privacy Legislation - May 2016

FRC issues 2016 UK Corporate Governance Code, Guidance on audit committees and changes to auditor independence rules - Part One - May 2016

Risk management, internal control and longer term viability - unlocking the value - May 2016

Risk management, internal control and longer term viability - how companies have tackled the new Code provisions - May 2016

The Investment Association looks to boost UK productivity through enhanced investor engagement - April 2016

Gender pay gap information - draft regulations issued - March 2016

Modern Slavery Act 2015 - March 2016 

Risk, internal control and viability – how September year end reporters have tackled the new Code provisions - January 2016

The Global Tax Reset and the reporting of tax in annual accounts - December 2015

Is your organisation prepared for a cyber attack? - November 2015

FRC paper calls for considered approach to succession planning - October 2015

FRC publishes 2015 Corporate Reporting Review and areas of focus for the coming reporting season - October 2015

FRC consultation: Implementation of EU Audit Regulation and Directive, CMA Order and other changes relevant to audit committees - October 2015

The longer term viability statement - a "how to" summary guide - October 2015

Government consults on gender pay gap disclosures - July 2015

Improving the quality of reporting by smaller listed and AIM-quoted companies - June 2015

FRC issues Practice Aid to help audit committees assess audit quality - June 2015

BIS clarifies timelines for the new mandatory rotation requirements - March 2015

2015 – A focus on culture and enhanced expectations - January 2015

BIS & the FRC consult on options for UK implementation of the EU Audit Directive & Regulation - January 2015

Are you at risk for your new year - December 2014

FRC advises audit committees to take care with disclosure of AQR findings – November 2014

The Competition & Markets Authority’s final Order – September 2014

FRC updates the UK Corporate Governance code – September 2014

FRC re-confirms the primacy of the True and fair view – June 2014

FRC consults on changes to the UK Corporate Governance Code – April 2014

European parliament approves EU audit legislation – April 2014

EU position on auditor rotation goes further than UK rules – January 2014

Enhanced reporting of principal risks – January 2014

2013 holiday briefing on the latest governance developments – December 2013

FCA to strengthen the listing rules to enhance protection for minority shareholders – November 2013

FRC consults on new, integrated guidance on risk management, internal control and going concern – November 2013

The new "Strategic Report“ – November 2013

Summary of final FTSE 350 audit tendering requirements - October 2013

Final report from the Competition Commission reinforces role of the audit committee -  October 2013

The new board statement – October 2013

FRC consultation on director's remuneration – October 2013

Directors' remuneration report: New regulations laid – June 2013

Going concern: Sharman implementation delayed -  June 2013

Audit reports to be more informative – June 2013

Going concern: FRC process major changes -  February 2013

Governance in focus – publications in the series

Our Governance in focus series provides a deeper dive, guidance and views on key aspects of the latest developments.

Other publications in the series:

Governance in focus: On the board agenda - half year 2019 - June 2019

Governance in focus: On the board agenda – the 2019 reporting season - November 2018

Governance in focus: On the board agenda - Half year update - July 2018

Cyber risk reporting in the UK - March 2018

On the audit committee agenda - the 2018 reporting season - January 2018

On the board agenda – the 2018 reporting season - November 2017

The risks and opportunities of Brexit – survey of FTSE 100 - July 2017

On the board agenda H2 2017

Audit Committee effectiveness

Cyber risk reporting in the UK - February 2017
Audit committees and the 2017 reporting season - November 2016

Audit committees in 2016 – refocusing the agenda - July 2016

Audit committees and the 2015 reporting season - year end briefing - November 2015

Audit Committee Effectiveness - February 2015

Risk management: Getting your house in order - February 2015

In the spotlight – audit committees and the 2014 reporting season - November 2014

Keeping pace with tax change - September 2014

The 2013 audit committee reporting season: New rules or a new regime? - October 2013

Effectiveness of the external audit process - September 2013

Raising the bar on audit committees - January 2013

Describing your strategy and business model - December 2012

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