Assurance Services

Providing assurance in the public interest.

Our Assurance practice encompasses skills across regulation and finance with a deep analytics capability. We harness these to provide Assurance to those charged with governance, serving the public interest.

To be resilient, businesses must be ready to respond to current and future challenges and opportunities. They are increasingly being required to be more transparent with their reporting, to drive trust and confidence in the market, and protect the wider public interest.

Assurance builds, maintains and develops confidence. We provide independent assurance by assessing the risks and underlying processes, providing conclusions as to which risks are being managed and mitigated in line with the business’ appetite for risk. Deloitte’s assurance offerings help those charged with governance to understand their business and build trust amongst key stakeholders and regulators.

We bring an auditors mindset to our assurance offering, drawing on key skills and experience from across Deloitte, globally, to respond to the market’s assurance needs. Our teams provide review and recommendations across the first and second lines of defence, to deliver meaningful, quality outcomes and information to those charged with governance.

Our collaborative group of subject matter experts include ex-regulators, industry practitioners, digital experts, accountants, treasury and capital market professionals, set up to serve businesses, providing industry expertise.

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Financial Assurance

For those charged with governance, the focus on setting clear, high quality reporting standards has never been greater. The Financial Assurance team specialise in assuring the financial statement, working with clients on complex accounting matter and transactions. By collaborating with other teams and our global network of specialists, we deliver assurance that protect the public interest and build trust. Find out more here.

Regulatory Assurance

Regulatory reform continues to shape the Audit & Assurance landscape. The Regulatory Assurance team specialise in helping those charged with governance build trust and confidence their business, by focusing on key regulation from Client Assets, Safeguarding and Benchmarks, to Conduct and Prudential regulation. The expertise within the Regulatory Assurance team spans both BCM and Insurance. Find out more here.

Key contacts

Dan Keeble

Dan Keeble

Assurance Leader, Partner

Dan is a Partner within the Deloitte UK Financial Services practice and a qualified Chartered Accountant. Dan leads our Assurance practice in both the UK and NSE, and is a member of the UK and NSE Aud... More