Data Management as a Service (DMaaS)

Managed service and solutions to help you manage your data effectively

Does your organisation have access to sufficient tools, skills and resources to manage data effectively?

DMaaS brings together Deloitte data management capabilities and Software as a Service (SaaS) to deliver benefits including:

  • Rapid deployment of hosted data management tools with reduced risk and implementation effort;
  • Execution of data management processes via managed services; and 
  • Access to proven Deloitte Intellectual Property to accelerate time to value.


Effective data management supports compliance, efficiency and growth objectives

Multiple regulations (including GDPR, BCBS239 and Solvency II) drive out direct data management requirements around understanding what data is used within your organisation, by who and for what purpose, and ensuring that it is accurate and up-to-date.

In addition poor data quality introduces inefficiencies into business processes and can inhibit activities aimed at driving growth.

DMaaS helps address these challenges through providing managed services supported by cloud hosted tools to:

  • Provide a data inventory to record data usage, responsibilities, flows and definitions (pre-defined dictionaries of terms available)
  • Provide data governance workflows and reporting e.g. pre-defined reporting to support GDPR ‘Article 30’ requirements
  • Profile and assess the quality of data, leveraging Deloitte library of data quality rules and machine learning techniques.


How our product DMaaS can help

DMaaS enables organisations to benefit from industry strength data management tools whilst minimising implementation effort and risk through a SaaS / managed service model. It provides access to Deloitte IP, including pre-defined glossaries, models, workflows, control inventories, data quality rules and AI solutions to address a range of business use-cases.

DMaaS comprises of four modules:

  • Data Quality as a Service (DQaaS): hosted data profiling and data quality assessment across a range of use cases with Deloitte pre-defined rulesets. Only pay for what you use with subscription pricing based on data volume.
  • Data Governance as a Service (DGaaS): hosted business glossary and data governance solution, with pre-loaded library of data definitions and data governance workflows. Optional data governance chatbot to automate handling of business user queries on data, policies and regulation.
  • Data Migration as a Service (DMigaaS): accelerates large scale migrations by providing environment and managed service for data extract, transformation and delivery of transformed data set for upload into the target application.
  • Data Architecture as a Service (DAaaS): covering infrastructure as a service (rapid cloud deployment of servers on a temporary or ongoing basis) and data mastering service (using MDM tools).

Case study: DMaaS for GDPR – supporting sustainable compliance with GDPR post ‘day 1’

Case study: DMaaS for Basel – Basel data management accelerator

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