Deloitte Data Management as a Service

Technology enabled managed services and solutions for optimised, effective data management

Does your organisation have access to sufficient tooling, skills and resources to manage data effectively whilst driving your innovation agenda?

Data Management as a Service is the new, hosted data management service from Deloitte in association with Informatica. Bringing together industry leading Deloitte Intellectual Property and best in class data management software solutions, providing fast, scalable and cost effective access to data management best practices and solutions, extending the capability of your CDO and IT departments at speed, without the need to commit to long term investment.

That means immediate benefits relating to:

Reduce the time, effort and complexity of data management across your organisation. Rapid deployment of hosted data management tools with reduced risk and implementation effort

Enhancing your business
Quicker and more complete meeting of the needs of your data consuming community, empowering your workforce and increasing process effectiveness

Prebuilt IP and software solutions to better meet the requirements of many forms of regulation and compliance

Data Quality
Build a foundation of trust in your data through proven traditional as well as cutting edge AI-driven techniques

Data Management as a Service has been designed to address your pain points, through specific use-cases

Support compliance journeys
Mitigate risk and support compliance journeys by identifying what data your business has, where it is stored, who has access, and ensuring this critical data is governed, accurate and up to date. Data Management as a Service offers pre defined quality checking and reporting for GDPR Article 30 requirements and MiFID Transaction and Financial Instrument reference data, along with accelerators for BCBS239 and Solvency II compliance.

Increase operational efficiency and effectiveness
Reduce the time, effort and complexity involved in governing and ascertaining the quality of your data, while also reducing the effort of standing up teams to measure, monitor and remediate. Leverage pre populated and automated techniques to provide quality assured data, coupled with proven issue management and remediation processes, to ease the burden on your existing resource.

Unleash valuable insight, drive innovation and leverage data as a differentiator
Move from compliance oriented data management to releasing the business value of data. Drill down on its value, tap into customer insight, and disrupt the industry through new products and service models powered by data. Data Management as a Service breaks through organisational silos and helps businesses of any size extract the maximum value of its data. Free up your resource to focus on value-add activities by allowing Data Management as a Service to handle user queries on data and policies in an automated fashion.

How Data Management as a Service can help

Our solutions enable organisations to benefit from industry strength data management tools whilst minimising implementation effort and risk through a SaaS / managed service model. They provide access to Deloitte IP, including pre-defined critical data element and data control inventories, regulatory libraries and data control mappings, business process inventories, data governance and quality rulesets, workflows, reporting, metrics, issue management processes and AI solutions to address a range of business and regulatory use-cases.

Data Management as a Service comprises four core modules:

  • Quality Manager: provides instant access to pre-defined data quality rulesets, profiling and assessment with accompanying managed service for DQ issue management, remediation & workflows. Advanced, intelligent data quality can be achieved through our machine learning enabled anomaly detection and rule auto population capability. Only pay for what you use with subscription pricing based on data volume. Enjoy access to:
    • Pre-configured DQ profiling and assessment toolkits
    • Pre-defined DQ rulesets for specific data domains (e.g. risk, finance, customer) and regulatory use-cases (e.g. Basel, MiFID II, DGSD)
    • Pre-defined DQ dashboards, visualisations, reporting and discovery portal
    • DQ workflows and issue identification and remediation workflows (including optional remediation managed service)
    • Machine Learning Anomaly Detection solution (Deloitte REACT) to support identification of inaccurate data (with no dependency on DQ rules)
  • Data Governor: provides pre loaded libraries of data definitions, business glossaries, data governance workflows and MI that can support multiple business and regulatory requirements. Optional data governance chatbot to automate handling of business user queries on data, policies and regulation. Enjoy access to:
    • Pre defined risk & finance glossaries, critical data element inventories, terms and definitions, data controls, and business processes
    • Regulatory libraries and data control mappings
    • Pre configured data governance workflows (e.g. approval for term definitions and DQ issue escalation routes)
    • Reference data ownership models
    • Customised data governance MI
    • GDPR Article 30 and MiFID reference data reporting
    • Accelerators for BCBS239 and Solvency II compliance
  • Data Masterer: provides rapid access to data mastering and de-duplication services across customer, product and vendor data-sets. Data Masterer integrates seamlessly with your existing source systems to ensure scalable, secure master data management capabilities are implemented across the entirety of your business. Enjoy access to:
    • Pre-defined standardisation engine
    • Embedded, automated, pre-defined quality checks and dashboards
  • Data Migrator: accelerates large scale migrations by providing dedicated environments and managed services for data extraction, transformation and verification, delivering enriched data sets for target application ingestion.
    • Secure and fully scalable environments for dedicated ETL activity
    • Managed services for all aspects of ETL and DQ

Deloitte Data Management as a service – Platform Overview

Case study: DMaaS for GDPR – supporting sustainable compliance with GDPR post ‘day 1’

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