Where tomorrow’s technology meets the future of ideas

TechWorks brings Deloitte’s global expertise and capabilities to clients in the South West and Wales. A technology hub based in Bristol with a dedicated collaboration space, our local team of 60 technologists, systems engineers and digital experts work with you to find and build solutions.

Our presence in the South West and our knowledge of the region means that organisations collaborate locally with us on their solutions from concept to delivery using local talent.

Connecting you with the future

By bringing together our expertise in emerging technologies with creative thinking, we can help you to:

Automate and streamline processes

Smart solutions to connect and simplify your workflows across different platforms and departments

Upgrade your digital capabilities

Advanced e-commerce platforms, modern ERP and CRM solutions, full digital strategies, and beyond

Make better decisions

Modern data collection systems, predictive modelling, and visualisation dashboards that give you new paths to successful business strategies

Move to cloud platforms

Our AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud certified engineers can help you reduce costs while increasing the flexibility and security of your systems

Improve customer journeys

From websites to point of sale experiences, we analyse and optimise your customer journeys to improve revenue.

Discovering potential solutions is just the beginning

Our people also design, build, test and deploy them for clients.

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